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Nelson Mandela, about Human Rights at Illinois Holocaust Museum

Roxana Anton

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In our days, people seem confused.

We seem to have lost our right values: we don't know what to focus on, what is right, and what is wrong anymore.

Some focus on football.

Some focus on fitness, looks, and beauty, thinking that will bring them the happiness they hope.

Other focus on food.

Others on family, on work, physical appearance, traveling, or vacations.

Well, all of these things satisfy us at a certain point, but are they true values that are worth living for?

In this post, I want to speak about something that in my opinion is truly worth living for Human Rights.

Do we actually know that we as human beings are all equals and that we have basic human rights, that we must respect, and that need to be respected by everyone?

Personally, I am a dreamer. I live in my world, I often live in my imagination. Because it is safer.

Because every time I interact with real life, I get insulted, walked over, and hurt.

Like me - probably millions of you.

Every. Single. Day.

We are remembered that we are not good-looking and incapable.

Not one day passes by without receiving a comment about my body or about how I dress, the color of my hair, what I eat for dinner, how cultivated I am or I am not, and many other things like this.

Often, people don't even realize how they are acting.

What I have realized, after some thinking, is a simple fact: people are not aware of human rights.

We do not know yet, in the XXIst century, that we must respect human rights. All the time. All of us, no exception.

So, before going on reading this, I strongly advise you to search which are your rights: the rights of all men, women, and children.

When you see or feel they are not being respected, take an attitude. Make yourself aware, and make others aware.

Here's where you can find the needed information.

I vaguely remember learning about human rights in school, back in Romania, before high school. Unfortunately, I forgot all about It, and probably they were being thought without making us aware of their great importance.

Later on, I have found this type of fundamental education in Orthodoxy and Spirituality.

Nowadays, we must enforce teachings about respecting fundamental human rights.

I don't know if anyone realizes that this is the basis of education.

photo courtesy Pixabay

One of the people who fought for human rights all his life was, as we all know, Nelson Mandela (1918 - 2013), who received the Nobel Prize for Peace, in 1993.

He fought for a cause that's worth dedicating your time, focus, attention, and efforts to, the entire life.

The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center hosts, until September 12, 2021, a Special Exhibit: Mandela: Struggle for Freedom.

I advise everyone who can to go see it, as it promotes human rights with a clear message: all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

It is a cool way to learn something of great importance, that might even save your life.

Learn from the "master" himself, Nelson Mandela.

The great news is that admission is free on Wednesdays through April, according to the exhibit's official site.

You can find out about significant moments in Nelson Mandela's life, during his unbreakable fight for human rights, justice, and equality for everyone.

The exhibition recreates the cell where Nelson Mandela spent most of his years in captivity, before being free again and continuing his fight for democracy and human rights. (

As we can easily understand, a visit to this exhibition should be a must to all who have access, a must for this spring.

Going out of the lockdown, what better to do than remembering what makes us human, and what life is meant for?

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