Planning an Escape? Try Kauai Island (Hawaii)

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The photo was used with courtesy of Pixabay

Photo source: courtesy of Pixabay

Photo source of Pixabay

Welcome to the Garden Island, where the only thing missing is You.

All the Hawaiian islands are great to explore, but the Kauai island receives rain almost every day, so it is one of the best places to explore charming green, stunning views, a true rainforest experience without leaving the United States. (inspiration source:

Here, you have the wonderful experience of paradise at a glance away from Honolulu, and a few hours of flight away. For some, the trip might be long, but it's totally worth it.

Photo courtesy of Regina L. Floyd on Pixabay

The climate of the island is tropical, with generally lots of humidity during the entire year, with rain almost every day, and the weather changes very fast.

During the same day, you can experience a clear blue sky and sunshine, the heavy fog that can go down and entirely cover the streets, some rain, and even a storm.

Annual precipitation can be considered between 50cm and 130 cm.

The average temperature in Lihu'e, the county seat, ranges from 78 °F (26 °C) in February to 85 °F (29 °C) in August and September.

Kauaʻi's mountainous regions offer cooler temperatures and provide a pleasant contrast to the warm coastal areas.

Time zone: time on Kauaʻi is three hours behind the West Coast of the United States and six hours behind the East Coast. (Wikipedia source)

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

When was the island discovered?

In 1778, Captain James Cook was the first European known to have reached the Hawaiian islands. He named the archipelago the "Sandwich Isles" after his patron, the 6th Earl of Sandwich, George Montagu.

The United States took over Hawaiʻi in 1893. (Wikipedia)

Different from other Hawaii Islands, Kauai is very green, with lots of forests, plants, and wildlife, making it seem like a sort of jungle.

Not only enjoying nature, amazing hiking, and things to do and see but also huge hotel apartments with huge bathrooms, cooking space, bedrooms, dining spaces. Amazing courtesy for guests.

Enjoy an amazing dinner with local food that is alike to Sushi cuisine. Have a bagel at breakfast or as a snack, to taste an American bagel full of the Island's best flavors.

Stop at Waimea National Park to enjoy the red volcanic rocks and the incredible views of "Hawaii's Grand Canyon", with amazing waterfalls to create a unique landscape in the world.

Photo inspiration: courtesy of Pixabay

With more than 5 million years of birth thanks to the volcano, the island has breath-taking and unique landscapes, that will feel like going back in time, in a sort of a Jurassic Park.

If you are lucky enough to do a helicopter ride or a boat cruise or trip on the Napali Coast, you can enjoy the views even better, so be prepared to travel with multiple "vehicles" to explore more of what the island has to offer.

When you go to the northern beaches of the island, which are the best, you will also notice the "vintage" looks of shops and bars and houses, just as if you were living in an Elvis Presley movie or something like that.

Actually, many movies have been shot on the island, like Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park. Going there will actually make you feel like on vacation, relaxing, and being on your private movie set.

What can be cooler than that?

Well, actually there is something that, at least for some, can be cooler.

Kauai Hindu monastery is the only Hindu Monastery in the North American continent (Wikipedia).

Saiva Siddhanta temple is an organization that identifies itself with the Saivite Hindu religion. The core purpose of the temple is to protect, preserve and promote the Saivite Hindu religion as embodied in the Tamil culture, traditions, and scriptures of South India and Sri Lanka, a thousand- year old spiritual tradition.

The tradition is open to all seekers who wish to follow or get to know the patterns of ancient traditions.

If you need a different experience that might change your entire perspective and life, you might want to take a visit to one of these temples.

"The temple's theology is based on a synthesis of devotional theism and uncompromising nondualism.

It is referred to as "monistic theism", which recognizes that monism and dualism/pluralism are equally valid perspectives.

God is both within us and outside of us, the Creator and the creation, immanent and transcendent. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami explains:

The primary goal of monistic Saivism is realizing one's identity with God Siva, in perfect union and nondifferentiation. This is termed nirvikalpa samadhi, Self Realization, and may be attained in this life, granting moksha, permanent liberation from the cycles of birth and death. A secondary goal is savikalpa samadhi, the realization of Satchidananda, a unitive experience within superconsciousness in which perfect Truth, knowledge and bliss are known. Deep within our soul we are identical with God this very moment, for within us are the unmanifest Parasiva and the manifest Satchidananda. These are not aspects of the evolving soul, but the nucleus of the soul, which does not change or evolve. They are eternally perfect and one with God Siva. We are That. We do not become That."

(source of the quote: Wikipedia)

Photo source Kauai Island, from Pixabay

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