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Catalina Island, California, USA - photo courtesy Unsplash

If you still need ideas to escape the city, the grey weather, possibly the lockdown, then what better than an island in the sun?

Keeping all social distances that the Covid require and wearing a mask might be less necessary on a lonely beach, in nature, on a boat lost on the sea. I'm just guessing.

The USA has some of the most beautiful islands in the world, so let's try to explore a little bit of them, dreaming of a perfect, fun, or romantic holiday, or actually making it happen.

Santa Catalina Island often called Catalina Island, or just Catalina is an island off the coast of southern California only 22 miles (35 km) south-southwest of Los Angeles. 

The island is so great for a weekend escape, as there is all sort of activities you can do there.

You can simply breathe better air, enjoy the up-coming spring walking or cycling in nature, do some shopping, enjoy amazing views and simply relax.

Of course, you can try diving or go on a boat tour. The best is the one where you can "catch" a whale, or daulphins.

Some of the other things to do on Catalina Island include go on a zipline eco-tour,  golfhikingbikingart & museums, and water activities on the island include fishing, scuba divingjet ski rentalsparasailingkayaking, paddleboarding, and more. (for information, visit lovecatalina.com).

Practically, you can do anything you want to have fun, and also do some sports to burn all those calories gained in the lockdown.


Catalina Island, California - photo by Rogelio Hidalgo on Unsplash

" Catalina Island is an amazing ecosystem of natural wonders just waiting to be explored." (lovecatalina.com)

So, even if you simply immerse yourself in nature while doing the walking trails or a jeep tour, you will breathe some healthy air and enjoy the sounds of the birds, smell the flowers and the sea salt on your skin.

A great way to enjoy nature on the island is to go camping with your friends or family, at one of the island’s numerous campgrounds.

If you are braver, more curious to take challenges, or more experienced with extreme and middle-extreme sports, you can try stand-up paddleboarding, zip-lining through the canyons, or hiking the Trans-Catalina Trail.

Catalina Island could be a great idea to escape the City, the house, the noise.

Could be a good Paradise idea.

Maybe you are a fresh couple, want to get married. Maybe you have already shared a lifetime together.

What better place than an island, all yours, to hug by the seaside, take a rest from the wild world, take a sip of wine and remember all the good and the bad memories?

What better place to fall in love of your partner again? Or to get to know better your new-to-come partner?

In case you live nearby, the Catalina Island might be your chance to live in one of your famous romantic novels, at least for a few days.


Catalina Island, California - photo by Ali Mucci on Unsplash

Two Harbors on Catalina Island’s West End, is a quiet, nice city located between two ports.

It is ideally peaceful and surrounded by turquoise waters, in a splendid landscape.

With only 300 inhabitants, it is a cozy good location for some beachtime, and maybe romance, or some nice relaxed enjoyable family time.

Something unique and very spectacular to see here is the heard of 150 bisons or American Buffalo, that were brought in while filming movies in the twenties and the thirties.


Photo source: Jainath Ponnala for Unsplash

88% of Catalina Island is protected through the Catalina Island Conservancy. This land trust was set up in the early 1970s and includes 62 miles of beaches and coves and over 165 miles of trails and roads. (lovecatalina.com)

You can see the bison while hiking or touring the island in one of the many eco tours with a jeep or motorcycle or other types of transportation, provided by Catalina Island.

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