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Chicago Botanic Garden is a Fairytale

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Photo courtesy: Pixabay

Photo courtesy: Pixabay

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The Chicago Botanic Garden opened more than 45 years ago and as they sustain, their mission is to cultivate plants and through them, to make a better life for everyone.

With 9 islands hosting 750 000 bulbs, it has grown into one of the greatest world museums, visited by more than one million people every year.

Within the nine laboratories of the Garden's Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center, scientists and graduate students conduct a wide array of plant research. (

Become a member and you will have free access all year long, plus other facilities.

Download the free smartphone app from their site, to help you locate plants when you visit.

Aquatic Garden displays a fabulous series of water lilies and lotuses (with the sacred lotus depicted in literature) in various stages of bud and bloom.

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The Graham Bulb Garden is the perfect place to go anywhere in spring to see thousands of tulips blossom in hundreds of colorful shades.

Narcissus, tulips, ornamental onions, fritillaries, and lilies are planted to ensure a constant color show from early spring well into fall.

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Circular Garden. Named for its circular boundary, this garden features a central dancing fountain with two intimate secret gardens off to each side.

Both the Crescent and the Heritage Garden share a similar design scheme of crescent-shaped beds filled with seasonal plants. In spring you can admire there thousands of tulips, while in autumn - a symphony of chrysanthemums in warm harvest tones.

But for a real treat, don't miss it in the summer.

Dwarf Conifer Garden features trees that are smaller and slower growing than other conifers. They embellish even the darkest winter days.

The Buehler Enabling Garden is a teaching garden that encourages gardening for people of all ages and abilities.

You will learn techniques and tricks on how to make gardening easy for your private home.

One of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s most enchanting and popular places is the Helen and Richard Thomas English Walled Garden.  It provides an eighteen-century landscape, with falling water, and was designed to bring to life a typical period-style English country garden that would evoke as many of the senses as possible (a Jane-Eyre-kind-of-style, to be more specific, as restful and joyful as it can be).

The Esplanade is one of the Chicago Botanic Garden's most public spaces, bringing visitors down to the water in a most inviting way.

Evening Island, five acres of hillside, woodland, and meadow gardens, surrounded by lakes, reflect ever-changing highlights throughout the year. From there you can admire the most beautiful sunsets.

It is an example of the New American Garden style of landscape design.

The Regenstein Fruit & Vegetable Garden displays aromatic herbs, shiny peppers, juicy grapes, and crisp apples, the best berries, large fruits, vegetables, and herbs for Chicago gardens. Here you can also learn about the most effective gardening methods to grow them to perfection.

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The 3 greenhouse areas reproduce many of the tropical climates vegetation, with hundreds of amazing species that, thanks to the high temperature preserved inside, remain green all year long.

Heritage Garden is modeled after Europe's first Botanical Garden in Padova, Italy, and it pays a tribute to the botanic gardens of the past.

Japanese Garden - A 17-acre lakeside garden, includes three islands. As beautiful as a romantic haiku.

The Lakeside Gardens include creative combinations of perennials, aquatic plants, ground covers, grasses, trees, and shrubs.

The Farwell Landscape Garden displays more garden styles and herbs, suitable for residential purposes so that you can start having an idea and educate yourself on how to grow the ideal garden for your home.

McDonald Woods - a fragile ecosystem, a treasured piece of a larger oak woodland that flourished in the Midwest over a century ago, and that you can see today in rare preserved places, like Eastern Europe's Romania.

Ecologists and volunteers are fighting to preserve the woods just as they were a hundred years ago.

Native Plant Garden - Discover ideas for native Illinois plants around your home.

With more than 5000 roses to bloom, the Rose Garden is one of the most popular spots of the Botanic Garden.

The Waterfall Garden provides a unique setting to demonstrate the seasonal adaptation of more than 15,000 plants and trees. A 45-foot waterfall cascades down a hillside into a series of small landscaped pools.

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