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The Spa places are going to open in April, most of them have already scheduled part or all of their activity.

Now that we mostly work from home, we have more time at our disposal as we cannot go to the shows, and not very much at our favorite pub.

This means that we can afford a different, special day to take care of ourselves.

Maybe we have been hiking a lot in nature in the past weeks, the weather allowing.

Maybe we have terrible feet pain and terrible nails.

Maybe our skin is dried after a long winter with artificial heating. This might be true about our hair, too.

We need a general refreshment to start the spring both relaxed and hydrated. Our skin and body, just like the soul, need some cure, from time to time.

I'm not saying to do this all the time if you can't afford to. But from time to time, let's say a complete Spa treatment once every 3 months, could be a very good and interesting idea.

Also, a good occasion to discover some new places, maybe to spend time in a nice hotel and feel like a star, maybe discover a new park or a new area of your town.

Going to a Spa from time to time might be a good inspiration for treatments that you could do then yourself in your cozy home. Not to speak about the energy healing experiences and the chakra balance, that is essential to our health and good life.

Aire Ancient Baths Chicago

Located in a restored factory from 1902 in River West, close to the West Loop, AIRE Chicago brings you back in time, in this edit, wonderful location.

If you go into this location, be aware it is a very unique and expensive one.

Something to do on a special occasion or your honeymoon, this, of course, unless you afford it regularly.

On their official site, you can find, of course, all the details about location, reservations, experiences, and prices.

"The beneficial effects of baths with temperature contrasts were widely known by our Greek, Roman, and Arabic ancestors. The hot water relaxes the muscles and joint tension while the cold water reactivates blood circulation, tones the skin, and has a reinvigorating effect."

Thus, you can choose from the many experiences with different temperatures baths, treatments, and massages that this amazing Spa has to offer, probably some of the best in town.

Infinite Love - Experience For Two - includes a thermal tour at your own pace, a 45-minute relaxing massage infused with Red Currant aroma infused oil, and a Cranberry foot treatment including foot scrub and massage.

The Himalayan Salt Experience - includes a tour at your own pace through thermal baths at different temperatures, a 60-minute body massage, a 20-minute Himalayan salt exfoliation.

" The pure pink salt we use for this experience that offers a high detoxifying, energizing, and stress-relieving power, is created in the most distant Himalayan mountains".

The Wine Bath - the opportunity to submerge yourself completely in the antioxidant properties of the Spanish Ribera del Duero red grapes. The experience includes a tour through thermal baths at different temperatures, a 15-minute cranial massage with a honey and propolis hydrating mask, a 30-minute private red wine soak from the Spanish Ribera del Duero red grapes, a 60-minute relaxing full-body massage using grapeseed oil.

Other experiences that you might take into consideration include The Ancient Argan Ritual, The Athlete Ritual, The Ancient Thermal Bath & 60' Relaxing Massage (with different timing massage), The Olive Essence Ritual, the Grand Indulgence that is a full body treatment with lavender oil.

Ruby Room: an Experience of Healing

What sets this place apart from others is the fact that they offer Chakra Cleansing and Energy Healing, as well as energy care products such as specialty bath salts, smudges, crystal healing kits, and essence collections.

This must be probably the most amazing place in town, offering a luxury inn service (deluxe king bed from 125$), a spa, gift shop, and more.

The shop includes Essence sprays, Aromatherapy, candles & bath products, crystals, skin, body& beauty products, self-care kits, even inner-beauty products, such as Longevity Tea, Alchemic Tonic, Tao in a bottle, digestion drops, and much more.

The Spa is interesting for the various therapies: for instance, Colon Hydrotherapy, which " allows for the removal of old waste and toxicity from the colon".

The healing section of the Spa is based on the idea that healing comes from the inside. They offer different types of cure, such as:

- infrared amethyst Biomat ( removes toxins, reduces stress, anxiety, relieves pain, clears the mind, increases blood circulation, and clears electromagnetic pollution from the body).

-intuitive reading services (tarot, oracle, clairvoyant, akashic records)

-energy cleaning, chakra energy healing

"Your energy field looks like a colorful bubble that surrounds the body and protects you from the outside world. When your aura becomes full of excess energy from everyday life it can slow you down mentally, emotionally, and energetically. The focus of this treatment is to bring balance and harmony to your aura by clearing away impure energy that leaves you vulnerable to stress and illness. A monthly must!"

-group healing, like the self-care meditation Sunday.

"Melt away a week’s worth of stress and tension in one calming hour. Join us for morning meditation where one of our Intuitive Energy Healers will teach you how to quiet your mind through focused breathing & visualization techniques to induce peace and deep relaxation. All levels welcome."

For information, check out their beautiful site.

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