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Are you a writer and blogger with a decent portfolio?

Do you like writing articles, visiting places (Covid allowing), discovering new people and experiences - and writing or doing videos about them?

The following is probably the easiest way to earn money for writers and video makers, and it easily can become one for you.

I’m talking about the new American news and content app, NewsBreak, that you probably have already installed on your phones and devices.

What you possibly didn't know is that they still accept collaborations and pay for your articles, posts, and videos. This - until the 31st of March.

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I signed up with them in late November 2020, and I waited to write about them because I wasn’t sure if they were serious and worth putting effort into.

Well, as far as I can see, they do.

NewsBreak is pretty much a news app and platform, very much focused on local news, events, and content from the USA. They do plan to expand worldly, but for now, they focus on content from the USA.

That being said, let’s see how you can make it. 

NewsBreak has a section for Creators, and this is where I write (and you can, too).

Creators are strongly advised to focus on local content, but they are free to write mostly about anything they want.

That, for me, is so cool.

The content I provided on NB, as you could see, was of all genres: local advice from Chicago, movie recommendations and reviews, food receipts, household advice, even cultural content about my country, spirituality, personal development, personal stories, tech news and advice, curious facts from all over the world, etc. 

You can write about pretty much what you want, and you chose what to write about. You are free to write about almost anything.

I am not allowed to share too much of my contract, but I can tell you there is a base pay for each of your approved submitted articles and videos. 

If you are a consistent Medium writer and content creator or you dream to be one; if you like making videos and even have a youtube channel, or you would like to start one, NewsBreak is an opportunity you do not want to miss, because they assure a base pay for your content.

For Medium writers, blog owners, YouTubers, or simply — people who want to create some content: this is a golden opportunity for you to adjust your income, as you can repost and adapt your older articles and posts. 

NewsBreak has CV scores for each article, and depending on its quality and reads, you can make more money with only one article.

They have many opportunities to earn some decent money, but you must sign up for their Creator program for them to send you all the details.

In the first 3 months, you will receive a base pay for each article they accept. Articles must have a minimum of about 600 words. 

Here’s my NB profile if you want to see what I have posted so far. 

Roxana Anton's Home Page
I write about everything that interests me: food, receipts, cats, fiction, the internet, movies, spirituality…

The application process will end on March 31th, so I strongly advise you to apply as soon as possible, as it might take about a week or more to be accepted. 

Here’s the link to apply:

There is also an official Facebook group called News Break Official Creator Community, that I strongly advise you to become part of, once you were accepted, as they post their most recent news and updates.

Hope this was useful and you will take this opportunity.

Happy writing and happy earning!

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