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What You Can Still do in Chicago in Covid Times

Roxana Anton

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1. Step inside a Van Gogh picture in the "Immersive Van Gogh" gallery, at the Lighthouse ArtSpace, Old Town, until September 6th, 2021.

Thanks to more than 50 digital projectors in this high-tech exhibition that explores the work of Vincent Van Gogh, you will be able to be immersed in the great painter's works of art, alive, inedit, and probably unique experience in a lifetime.

Visitors to "Immersive Van Gogh" will find a variety of safety measures, including social distancing circles within the exhibit, reduced capacity, a touchless ticketing system, and face-covering requirements for all guests.

2.Ice Skating - it is also free or doesn't cost much.

The Maggie Daley Park is a winter attraction like no other, with the Chicago skyline as a magical, incredibly beautiful view. If you will skate there, you will feel like in a movie such as "Serendipity", just to name one.

For more accurate information, as the events might change due to Covid times, and also. for a picture that says more than 1000 words, check this site.

3. Historic Chicago Cultural Center Virtual Tours. The stunning halls of the Chicago Cultural Center might be closed for now, but you can still explore its expanses via these free, 40-minute virtual tours, for more information you can check this site.

4. Drive-in, Dinner, and Drinks The Rock Island Public House hosts a themed drive-in movie series every weekend, screening classic genre flicks accompanied by beer and food that you can enjoy in your car.

Upcoming weekends will feature kung-fu movies, romantic films, and others. Check out the calendar and show up early to secure your spot in front of the makeshift screen! More information here.

5. Most of Chicago Park District playground and indoor pools were closed or restricted because of quarantine, but now some of them are opening, so check out for more details

As crews continue to remove snow from the area, they'll reopen public access points to Chicago Park District land to the east of Lake Shore Drive and lift restrictions on lakefront parking.

The public will not only be able to go to one of the Chicago Park District's pools and go for a swim, but aquatics programming will make a limited return this spring. Find more information and if the booking is needed here: Chicago Park District's website

6. Attend a Sermon in a not - so - crowded Church, every Sunday Morning

Regularity does the trick. Go to your favorite church and practice collective prayer. Pray from the bottom of your heart, for the good of your town, country, and all humanity.

In another article, I will write about how incredibly powerful collective prayer is. Actually, the more people are praying together, the stronger the effects. Want to get rid of Covid or any other bad thing in your life right now?

Go to your favorite church. Charge your batteries with the positivity and the deep feeling of peace of a holy place and activity. Feel that you are doing the right thing. Go practice common prayer, even if there will not be many people in that church - and yes, keeping all needed protection distance, not touching anyone, not shaking anyone's hand, and so on. Common prayer might save our world, again, by balancing all the negative emotions that we gather in every other aspect of our life, like anger, fear, despair, greed, despise for the week, and many others.

Stop being ignorant, if it's the case, in what concerns a spiritual life and the power of your mind and the power of strong activity, as prayer is.

Prayer is making a positive wish about the wellbeing of the entire world.

I am extremely sure - that happens to me when I go pray during a Sunday sermon or afternoon spiritual prayer organized by the church - I am sure that prayer matters, that prayer changes the space we live in and changes people, making us all better, stronger, happier.

So yes- I do believe, without joking, that common prayer could be the coolest thing you can do in Chicago in Covid times.

It will give you a feeling of deep satisfaction. And guess what: usually, it's completely free.

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