Spirituality Is a Priceless Wealth

Roxana Anton


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I consider spirituality a feature and an extraordinary WEALTH for every one of us.

In these strange times, we have a great need to be guided by certain values well verified and considered by our ancestors as pertinent, saving, founding, not deceptive.

Orthodoxy is thousands of years old, and so its teachings. 

I know that sometimes it might seem, as many of you say, "adoring idols". But it's not. Orthodoxy is about establishing a good relationship with God. It is about cleaning your negative energy, transforming yourself into someone who vibrates love.

Prayer, spirituality is about creating a better society and life. Not doubt it.

 Here are some words of orthodox wisdom, for my benefit, yours, everyones. Because when no one is there to understand my heart, God saved me, and He does it every time. He does it for you, too.

"And if a man really lacks something, he lacks love, because only the climate of love makes people's lives possible."

Source: Hieromonk Arsenie Boca, Living Words, Publishing House of the Holy Romanian Orthodox Bishopric of Arad, Deva, 2006, p. 247.

“How much people wander, those who seek happiness, contentment and fulfillment outside of themselves, in glory, wealth, delight, pleasure and all that disturbs the soul, which are desertions and end in bitterness. How much they wander, those who build their happiness on perishable and corrupting things, from which they gain neither price nor satisfaction, for true happiness is based on the delight give only by the right and clear mind. Any other delight sweetens only the lips and fills the heart with bitterness. “
source: Monk Teocòit Dionisiatul- Saint Nectarius of Aegina- life-teachings-sermons-letters

“How beautiful is the face of the believer! How wonderful is his joy! His beauty attracts and his figure expresses trust in God. Peace is clarified on his face and is the result of his peace of mind. The peace and goodness of his figure show the order in his conscience. The believer is delivered from the tyranny of the unceasing cares of life, which daily afflicts the soul, and his trust in God is painted in vivid colors on his face. The believer is happy because it has been proclaimed that his faith is true. God spoke mysteriously in his heart and filled it with heavenly joy. His heart and mind are attached to God. His heart is hot with the love of God, and his mind runs to meet Him. ”

“To know and fulfill our duty to God is the first virtue. He who has acquired it confesses God as the Creator, Maker, and Builder of the whole world and feels that for this he has been made a thinking and free being, of himself. standing and endowed with his own will …. The purpose of man is the knowledge of God, the likeness of Him, the praise and gratitude brought to Him …. He feels at the same time that his will must be one with the will of God because only in this union is he feels free-spirited and above the enslaved nature. He who knows God considers it his duty to live not for himself, but God. “
source: Monk Teocòit Dionisiatul- Saint Nectarius of Aegina- life-teachings-sermons-letters

"The unseen kingdom" - God's Heaven

The Kingdom, in its prime, is unseen; it is more inferred from the "patience of the saints" (Revelation 14:12). It has only inner evidence for the one who lives it and, in the absence of decisive arguments, he has only its affirmation through the sacrifice of life - the last word.

In this interval of the unseen Kingdom, the Christian rejoices in troubles, burns in him the fire thrown by Jesus on the earth: the fire of the love of people.

In short, the Kingdom of God is wherever there is a man or more, concentrated on Jesus. It's not a kingdom of visions and fast-miracles - as people demand. Source: Hieromonk Arsenie Boca, Living Words, Publishing House of the Holy Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Arad, Deva, 2006, p. 207

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