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When are we going to be able to travel again?

Maybe soon, maybe not so soon.

In the meantime, we have time. Time to take those actions to improve our lives and careers.

I, for instance, am thinking to take an English course and another one to improve the function of my mind. Manifestation, visualizing, and all these things help shape my reality.

In the past years, I have been studying Foreign Languages: French, Italian, and a little Deutsch.

Today, I thought to offer you a few easy tips, like a helpful guide if you will travel to Italy anytime soon.

Helpful conversation phrases for every day to help you in the process of going to a guest house or a hotel, order a meal, visit something, deal with money and cabs, reach a specific location, start a conversation, and so on.


A Visit to the Museum: Una Visita al Museo

So, you are already located in your nice, hopefully, comfortable hotel or guest house, and now you can start to explore the city, the holiday location, or the village, depending on where you currently are.

Here are a few questions and sentences that you probably need to know in Italian.

"Where can I find the bus that goes to the Museum X?" - "Dove posso prendere l'autobus che porta al museo X?"

"How much is the ticket?" - Quanto costa il biglietto?

"Hello, I would like to reserve two tickets for visiting the museum X, tomorrow at Noon please. Tomorrow at 10, at 16:00 sharp". - Salve, vorrei prenotare due biglietti per la visita al Museo X, domani alle 10 o nel pomeriggio, alle sedici in punto.

"Hello, we have purchased two tickets online for the Picasso Exhibit, here you go, and here is our identity cards. We come from Canada". - Buongiorno, abbiamo comprato due biglietti online per la Mostra Picasso, eccoli qua, e queste soon le nostre carte di identità. Arriviamo dal Canada."

"Here's also the audioguides. Please press the button corresponding to your language.Thanks a lot for them." - Ecco anche le audioguide. Schiacciare il pulsante correspondente alla vostra lingua. Grazie mille.

"What a beautiful painting. This is true art. Picasso was an exquisite painter, an absolute genius." - Ma che bel quadro. E' questa la vera rate. Picasso era un pittore straordinario, un genio assoluto.

"I cannot stay here more than two hours. This is a pity. I have a meeting with a friend in the evening, at seven o'clock. We will have dinner in the City's old center, just in front of the colorful fountains and the Roman Statues". - Non posso fermarmi più di due ore, che peccato. Ho un appuntamento con un'amico/amica alla sera, alle sette. Andremo a cena nel centro antico della città, proprio davanti alle fontane colorate/panoramiche ed alle Statue Romane.

"I am so sorry I cannot stay more at the museum, but I will come back the day before departing. I have already bought another ticket. I think Picasso deserves a second visit" - Mi dispiace tanto non potermi fermare di più al museo, ma ritornerò il giorno prima della partenza. Ho già comprato un altro biglietto. Credo che Picasso merita una seconda visita.

"This was a fantastic afternoon, that I shall always remember. What time is it? I must meet my new Italian friend." - E' stato un fantastico pomeriggio, da ricordare sempre. Che ore soon? Devo incontrare il Mio Nuovo Amico.

"Do you know where to find the coffee shop near the train station? We must meet there at seven." - Potete dirmi dov'è il bar vicino alla stazione? Ci dobbiamo incontrare lì alle sette."

"You must cross the street, paying attention to the traffic lights. This area is dangerous, there are car accidents. The bar is right on the other side, 100 mt. left. You will see a big white sign written: Bar della Stazione". - Deve attraversare la strada, facendo attenzione al semaforo. Questa zona è pericolosa e ci possono essere degli incident. Il bar è proprio dall'altra parte, 100 metri alla sinistra. Vedrà una grande insegna, con scritto Bar della Stazione.

"Thank you so much, you are very kind. I love to speak in Italian!" - Grazie Mille, gentilissimo. Adoro parlare in Italiano!

"No problem. In the old center, take care where you place your bag and wallet!" - Non ci sono problem,stia attento nel centro vecchio, dove mette borsa e portafoglio!

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