"The Secret" or the Law of Attraction Briefly Explained

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In 2006, there was released in the USA one of the best-sellers of the time: "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It was the best-selling book in 2007, and sold tens of millions of copies all over the world.

It is recognized as the best book on this argument: the law of attraction.

The book is very beautiful and written in a very positive manner, so if you are facing some hard times right now, you probably should read it, it will probably do you well.

Also, the many subjects of the book are yet to study and prove, as it takes time and life experience to verify scientifically if those principles are actually true.

The main idea of the book is the fact that all of us are a magnet, and that we attract everything that we think of. Actually, it is the Universe that gives us everything that we think about.

"The Secret", which should bring us richness, health, and success, has been transmitted to us from most ancient times.

Famous people like Platon, Gallileo, Beethoven, Edison, Mother Theresa, Einstein. They all knew what the secret was about.

It is called the "Law of attraction". Everything you are living today, you have attracted years before through your thoughts and deepest wishes.

Everything that you want to live in the future, you can attract in the same way.

The problem is that often, instead of attracting what we want, we attract those things we do not want.

For instance, if we want a good financial life and lots of health, we must concentrate our thoughts exactly on those thoughts. The problem is that people concentrate more on their fears, like fear of losing a job. By doing so, they attract those things in their life.

Also, thinking that you do "not" want an accident or losing your job, will not be efficient, as the law of attraction cannot distinguish between affirmative and negative sentences or thoughts.

The Law of attraction will always give us that thing that we concentrate our mind mostly.

Someone who, for instance, will lame all the time about their companion, they will attract more and more those negative feelings and thoughts into their relationship, until the relationship ends.

It all seems very logical, and in our everyday life, we can verify all that, can't we.

The best thing would be, for instance, to write every day on block notes, for 30 days, the positive qualities of your companion and the reasons why you love them.

The way the Law of attraction works.

1. Stop for a minute to put on paper exactly what you want, all your desires.

2. You must have faith. Convince yourself that all you want is already yours.

The wishes will not accomplish from a day to another, but if you have a strong faith and your actions are in line with your wishes, sooner or later you will obtain everything that you want and is not something bad for other people. This way, your mind will align with the frequency of what you want to obtain.

3. Receive and enjoy the results of your mind-dreaming.

Think of your brain as a radio transmitter that sends thoughts and energy waves to the universe.

If you're having a good day, you are smiling and relaxed, then your brain will send that message all over the world, into the Universe, and you will receive the same type of energy back, from the Universe to you.

This does not mean that you can stay all day long on a chair, thinking about your wishes, but without doing anything to accomplish them.

You must be proactive and take action if you want to see the results.

As we said before, your actions must be aligned with your wishes and your thoughts.

Your actions must reflect your wishes.

You will then attract all the right people and occasions that will bring you directly to your goals.

Also, "The Secret" teaches that you must make room in your life for the things that you want.

For instance, if you want a partner, then make room for him, "create" him with your mind.

Free your life, so that when the occasion presents, you shall not miss it.

Make some space in your closet or your house. Put on nice clothes.

Prepare meals for two. And so on. Create all the favorable conditions so that your ideal partner to find a place in your life.

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