Let's Pray Together Against Viruses and Diseases

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I hope you are ok and safe in these pandemic times! My best thoughts and wishes to every one of you, who write, read, stop by for a while, clap, comment, reflect, and so on. This is growing as a nice community, and we all need support and feel less lonely, in these times. This is me, at least — I need to feel less lonely.

The Covid Situation in Italy Until the 27th of March: what we can do and what we cannot do

The new government Draghi approved the new law until the 27th of March.

Stop moving between regions and harder lockdown in the red areas.

The first decree on the Coronavirus emergency of the Mario Draghi government confirms the line of rigor.

It is forbidden to move between the Italian regions throughout the national territory, except for movements motivated by proven work needs or situations of necessity or health reasons.

The return to one's residence, domicile, or home is permitted. Ban confirmed for all regions, regardless of color.

No to travel even between two yellow regions, even if the restrictions there are much less strict. Movement blocking is one of the keys to attempting to stop the spread of the virus variants.

No visits to relatives or friends in the red zone

Until March 27, in the red areas, movements in private homes are no longer allowed, unless they are due to work, necessity, or health reasons.

No more trips to visit relatives or friends, as if we were again in the March 2020 lockdown.

You can leave the house only for reasons of work, health, and necessity, only to do physical or sporting activities near your home.

On the other hand, in the yellow and orange areas, travel is allowed, once a day, to private homes, up to a maximum of two people, who can bring children under 14 years of age and disabled or non-self-sufficient cohabiting people.

In the orange areas with a maximum of 5000 inhabitants, you can also move to different municipalities, within 30 km distance from your municipality.

There is also an extension of local lockdowns, compatible with the suffering of the entire country.

The red zones will be established as soon as a sign of an increase in infections is seen and can be decided directly by the presidents of the respective regions.

I am writing this message, with a small request. I have a friend called Irina, who has Diabetes, since the age of 12. Now she must be around 30 years old and has a little girl of 5. In time, her sickness became very tough.

She and her family fought with the disease all her life. She injects insulin twice a day. She was always trying some new cure or diet. She recently did another new cure, which made her feel even worse. She is now at the hospital, in very bad conditions, and her parents are trying to see if they are compatible to donate her a kidney, as hers don’t work anymore.

I know this might sound weird or desperate, but is it possible to stop for a second, and say a little prayer for Irina? I wish her to get well, and be with her little daughter, her husband, and her family again. WITH NO MORE DISEASE.

I also wish we’d stop a little while and say a prayer against the Covid: to disappear from this world, along with other viruses and diseases. In my opinion, this is the main thing to focus on, in 2020. I can’t think of anything more important, right now.

Let’s create a prayer routine, every day. Let’s take it seriously. I do believe in the power of prayer so much. Every time I asked for something with persistence, it happened. Even for myself: I had some health issues, and thanks to prayer — and medicine, of course — I was cured.

Of course, we need to watch out, wash and disinfect, wear masks, protect our health as much as we can. But let’s combine these efforts with prayer.

Let’s pray, everyone as we can and believe, and make this virus go away, once for all. Let’s pray for a healthy, serene world.

Thank you so much.

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