Hilarious French Movies to Laugh Out Loud During the Lockdown

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These Incredible French Movies Made Me Laugh Out Loud During the Lockdown

They are the best French comedies I’ve seen in 2020.

They are so hilarious, even more than productions like, let's say, "Amélie".

“Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?” (2014) followed by “Qu’est-ce qu’on a encore fait au Bon Dieu ?” (2019) — translated title: Serial (Bad) Weddings, are some of the most delicious comedies, a must-watch if you want to have some fun and a great laugh.

The film topics are immigration in France and mixed multi-cultural families with grooms coming from different geographical areas.

It is a satire of all these themes, very well played and thought, and it’s going to make you live some unforgettable hilarious adventures, while the parents of 4 daughters try to make the best out of the marriages of their daughters.

Claude Verneuil, a Gaullist notary, and his wife Marie, a Catholic bourgeois from Chinon, are parents of four daughters: Isabelle, Odile, Ségolène, and Laure.

The three eldest are already married to men, each one of a different religion and a different ethnic origin.

The Verneuils pretend to accept their sons-in-law but have had a hard time hiding their discomfort at accepting people into the family from outside the community.

The Verneuils, in despair, put all their hope in their youngest daughter Laure.

They want her to bring home a Catholic partner, going so far as to arrange an "accidental" meeting with Xavier, a young Catholic French man who works in finance.

However, Laure reveals that she had already chosen a partner named Charles Kofi, and wishes to marry him.

Laure's parents are overjoyed and readily forgive his occupation as a comedian and actor.

On the first meeting, however, they discover that the man to whom their daughter is engaged is a black West African from the Ivory Coast.

Claude begins to sink into depression and spends his time cutting down trees and fishing.

Meanwhile, the three sons-in-law get together and plan to stop Laure's marriage out of fear that their friendship will be threatened by a fourth member.

When the Verneuils meet with the Kofi's, Marie and Charles' mother Madeleine get along well, but Claude finds that Charles' father André is not exactly what he was expecting.

Both the groom's and bride's party come head to head and the fathers' disapproval heats the situation.

On the day before the wedding, André and Claude go fishing and unexpectedly find common ground in their dislikes, as both are Gaullists (Charles de Gaulle), and develop a friendship.

After catching a large pike, the two go to a restaurant, get drunk with wine, and are arrested.

Laure is notably upset at this and boards a train, deciding to abandon the marriage; André and Claude catch the train and persuade Laure to marry Charles. Laure agrees and the film ends with a happy marriage and a night of the family dancing and having plenty of fun like they never had in ages. (source: Wikipedia).

The film has been criticized and was controversial, but it is also a very funny season.

It helps to better understand the views of French people when it comes to family, history, values, and opinions about strangers and people from other cultures.

It is actually a satire, very well made and played by geniuses actors.

It was a long time ago since I hadn't seen such hilarious comedies, they made me laugh out hard in both the first and second parts.

If you have already watched these films, feel free to share some ideas and personal opinions!


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