7 Lady Traits from Katharine Hepburn's Movie Characters

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Every movie where Katharine Hepburn appears is a treat.

Young and not so young, she always managed to transform a character from a "usual" one into something memorable and worthy.

I think she was a remarkable lady off the screen, and her admirable and unique qualities, which she knew how to exploit with elegance, were those who made her characters alive and memorable.

1. She wasn't the "princessy" type

The first thing that surprises me, is how natural Katharine always acted on screen, even in her greatest performances, like "Philadelphia Story".

She laughed and yelled, ran and danced, did anything crazy without being "princessy" or "classy" in the classical meaning of the word, as we would for instance think about Ginger Rogers or Rita Hayworth.

2. All her characters show that women have a heart

What is it that separates Katharine Hepburn from all other stars of her era, and made her the no. 1 most important actress of Classic Hollywood? Among other critics, she is even considered to be the best actress ever in the history of cinema.

In my opinion, it's the fact that in every possible role she covered, she showed that a woman has a noble heart, maybe hidden, but always noble.

She showed that a woman has a heart.

Even in "Susanna!" when she plays, laughs, runs, dances with Cary Grant, she shows that a woman has dignity and noblesse.

She had her unique, sometimes subtle way of showing that. With a glance, a gesture, a word.

3. Her characters are always brave

The women she portrayed always win, somehow.

They courageously fight through life, until they get what they aspire, or learn some truths about themselves and life.

4. She stands for her values and dreams, even if misunderstood and in danger to lose someone dear

In the movie "Stage Door", which I highly recommend, Katharine plays an aspiring actress who manages to get an important role, actually "stealing" it from one of her friends, without even knowing she was doing so.

The other actress commits suicide because of it, and Katharine has the hate of her other actresses-friends, but she decides to play the role anyway and transform it into a big success, to honor the memory of their dead friend.

In the end, everyone understands and forgives her.

5. She had the courage to go "against the waves" and confront everybody

Her characters were often "rebels". Rich high-society women who chose love and their dreams against money, social position, and other "nonsense".

Her characters openly despise those values, exactly those which are so praised today. Isn't so?

Her women were all fierce, determined, even glacial to those who judged and didn't understand what she was truly about.

6. When she got the chance, she acted without fear towards her goals

I will take again the example of the movie "Stage Door".

When Katharine has to play in the theatre for the first time, she does a terrible job.

But when she has something to stand for - the memory of her dead friend - she gathers all her courage and does a magnificent job.

She penetrates with courage and a sort of vulnerability in everyone's hearts.

7. She was very authentic, always

I never got the feeling, In every movie featuring her, that she wasn't herself and actually playing herself.

The things she was standing for.

So yes, that is another reason I admire Katharine Hepburn and consider we all have to learn from her, in today's influencers era.

Yes, she was also very elegant in her outfits and appearances, but she was so much more beyond that.

In my belief, this is what every influencer today should show us.

How to be your best self, and to express it through clothes and make-up.

Never be a product signed by someone else, because at that moment you give up the human condition.

Bonus Movie

I am absolutely thrilled to present to you "HOLIDAY", this surprising classic movie from 1938, with the delicious Katharine Hepburn and the popular Cary Grant, as two opposite characters, who initially are meant to be brothers-in-law.

But faith plays them a very unusual trick, and nothing seems what it is.

I love the way the two actors created unforgettable couple chemistry on the big screen, like in “Bringing Up Baby” and “The Philadelphia Story”. There was a spark between them, who stimulated each other to create memorable, hilarious moments.

In this romantic comedy film full of elegance, considered one of the best of George Cukor’s, Jonathan “Johnny” Case (Cary Grant), a self-made man who has worked all his life, is about to marry Julia Seton (Doris Nolan), whom he met while on holiday in Lake Placid, New York. He knows very little about his bride-to-be and is surprised to learn that she is from an extremely wealthy family, the youngest daughter of banker Edward Seton (Henry Kolker).

Then Johnny meets Julia’s vivacious elder sister, Linda (Katharine Hepburn), to whom he confides in his plan to take a long holiday from work to find the meaning of life.

I will let you discover how the adventure ends, and how the poor Johnny will be able to distribute his feelings between the two strong-character rich sisters.

I need to point out the extraordinary role of Katherine Hepburn, who could have been “usual”.

She transformed it into a jewel of emotions, that elevates the movie to a must-see classic, even if probably the majority of us never heard of it before.

Katharine perfectly played the sister who must remain in the shadow and sacrifice her deep feelings, completely giving up her tainted love, but she also strongly stands for what she believes and her ideals.

In the end, the movie is a great tribute to the institution of marriage, which should not be based on material interests but true love.

After watching this movie, I asked myself: would I be capable to leave behind a luxury life and “steal” my sister’s fiance?

My rate for this movie is 9/10.

Being black and white, it adds a note of true elegance to the amazing costumes and especially to the lovely dresses worn by Katharine Hepburn.

So, are you ready to watch a good, hilarious

classic today?

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