Throw Away Your Keys, Smart Home Automation Systems Are a Growing Trend

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If five years ago the smart home systems were something new on the global market, at the moment it has importance among customers of all categories.

The most sought systems for smart homes are those designed to ensure the monitoring and safety of the home, along with those created to control ambient lighting and home heating.

Smart home systems allow remote control and access to home devices.

For example, when you return from a vacation you can find the house already heated and lit, besides, you will sleep without worries knowing that the house is completely safe 24/7.

Smart security: you can see from a long distance what is happening inside or outside of your home.

In the last five years, the market for smart security products has grown significantly due to the desire to protect both the family and household goods.

Customers who are thinking of buying a smart home security system take into consideration the following: the size of the house, the budget allocated to this investment, the brand of products desired, but also the recommendations received in stores.

Monitoring systems allow remote viewing, through a mobile application, of the interior and exterior of the home. Besides, such a system automatically sends notifications when someone enters the house.

Motion sensors can also detect a burglary or intrusion, and alerts sent through the application can ensure a fast response time.

Smart bells are another type of product in the "smart" category: more and more accessed lately, it allows the identification of people in front of the door. A camera with a motion detector is mounted inside the viewfinder providing a clear image of those in front of the entrance.

The main advantage is that the images can be accessed directly from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Smart locks are also gaining in popularity, products designed especially for those who do not want to always use traditional keys. These products store several combinations of codes or even allow the lock to be unlocked utilizing your phone or by biometric access. This is a smart way to gain comfort but also extra security.

Intelligent lighting systems allow (even) remote control of (large) lights in a room, using a mobile application or remote control.

Thus, the lights can be turned on or off, the intensity and color of the light can be controlled, and everything can be programmed in advance.

A smart lighting system can consist of a LED bulb, a switch or remote control, and a smart socket.

The smart switch can be wireless (phone or tablet) remotely acting as a switch that controls the bulbs.

This is possible due to the application installed on the device used and the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection between the bulbs and the mobile device.

The smart remote control switch is similar to the classic one, but it works with batteries, can be placed anywhere, and controls several bulbs simultaneously, adjusting the intensity or shade of light.

Also, the smart socket has the role of transforming the lighting fixtures into smart ones because it can be controlled from anywhere through a mobile application, or via Bluetooth remote control.

There are currently two categories of smart lighting systems: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth controlled. They are also divided into products that may or may not have built-in sensors.

Sensor-based systems are the most advanced and used.

There are devices for movement, but also for analyzing ambient light.

In the case of intelligent lighting systems without detectors, the bulbs can be programmed to go out or turn on at certain times of the day.

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