Get Rid of Ants Without Harming Your Pet

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Every winter, when the temperature goes less than 10 *C, we are being invaded by ants.

The house is on the ground floor, so it is inevitable to welcome the "visit" of little fellows: ants during winter, other types of insects during summer.

We are lucky enough that these „little fellows” are indeed very small. But also very persistent.

They are so small you barely can see them, so you can easily find them in your room, in the bathroom, the kitchen, even in your pet’s bowl. They just want to keep company everywhere, if you know what I mean.

Ants can have tunnels of over 20 mt. Inside the ground. If they encounter obstacles in their way, they will make it to the surface and in your house anyway, especially if they find permanent sources of food.

If you, like me, have cats coming and going in the house, you understand the necessity to invite the little fellow ants out, without harming your pets with all sort of toxic insecticides.

So here’s some piece of advice my grandma gave last week, to get rid of the little uninvited friends.

We applied all of them, in despair, and we noticed an improvement. We can finally sleep during the night, without being bothered by our small companions anymore!

1. Lemon Juice

Be careful to note where the little fellows come from, în the wall, the pavement, tubes, windows, etc, and put some lemon juice all over the place (add the lemon peel, for a better result). Ants hate the lemon smell.

2. Ants Hate White Vinegar

Fill in a plastic recipient and spray it all over the place, all along the routes of your little fellows: terrace, windows, walls, pavements, doors, kitchen, around the dining table, etc.

Be careful not to spray it on plants and their roots, as vinegar can kill them.

3. Sage, Mint, and Salt

Ants hate green sage, green mint leaves, and salt.

Put them inside your wardrobe, closets, kitchen furniture, and so on. Salt is an efficient, non-expensive ingredient: ants will always avoid it and try to find new ways of penetrating your space.

4. Garlic

Ants hate all sort of „funny smell”, so if nothing works to eliminate them, you can try garlic.

Put small pieces of garlic or garlic powder everywhere you see the little insects bursting into your home.

You can prepare a garlic and water mixture, to spray when needed: mix smashed garlic and water in a glass bottle or recipient. Leave it in pause for 24h. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes. After it cools down, spray it all over the ants and their favorite spots. They hate the smell and will not come back.

5. „Aromatherapy” with Essential Oils

If ants still insist on not leaving your house, you can try with purifying scents, like sticks with strong sage or incent perfume, or anything else that has a strong smell (and that you yourself enjoy).

Clean pavements and furniture with a mix of water, vinegar, and cinnamon essential oil.

Try a mixture of 500 ml of water, a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, and 20 drops of peppermint oil. Put inside an empty recipient (for instance, when your window cleaner is empty). Mix well and spray on the ants' crossings. They hate any sort of strong smell that’s not food.

6. Final Advice

Try to clean your pavement, furniture, closets, etc as often as possible by mixing in your cleaning solution white vinegar and the mentioned essential oils.

Also, be aware of the spots inside the walls where ants find free ways to penetrate the house: wholes in the pavement, near the windows, power outlets, everywhere inside the walls (you would be surprised by how creative these little insects are when it comes to finding new trajectories). Cover those small spots with silicon or any other efficient insulating material.

Finally and most important: make sure that your pet will not be affected by it.

Do not leave food at the disposal of ants, especially sugar or sweets. Keep these foods in airtight jars, just to prevent ants from appearing;

If, after all these measures, you still have ants inside the house, it’s a sign they probably have a nest somewhere nearby.

If you are lucky enough to spot it, you can pour over a mix of boiled water, alcohol, and dish soap.

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