Vulnerable Things About Me That People Criticize a Lot

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If I would receive 10 bucks for all the things I’ve been criticized for all my life, then I would be a millionaire by now.

Ironic or not, I guess I’m a very imperfect person.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, Perfection is “the state of being complete and correct in every way.”

Here’s a list of everything people don’t or didn’t like about me. All the comments I’ve politely accepted, and shut up about, thinking everyone was right.

Unfortunately or not, I can’t seem to be able to adjust to their opinion about what I should or should not be.

It’s one of my greatest imperfections… is it?

I don’t do hair and make-up too often

I like to watch hair and beauty tutorials and feel guilty that I’m just not so much into it. I guess I don’t care about people liking me for the way I look. Even if part of me does understand that’s quite important and contributes to a general notion of success and a good lifestyle.

I have had endless comments and critics, in the past, about the topic.

I never smoked. Not even once in my entire life

Does that make me “Uncool”?

I can’t swim. Though I live by the seaside

Big “Aaah” when I tell people. I’m not very comfortable in the water, and never had the opportunity to learn how to swim when I was a kid.

I can’t drive

I never needed to. I don’t exclude it though, in the future.

I think I deserve to be respected and treated well

Dear future husband, you should definitely start working on that. 🙂

But, a few people ironically told me in the past, that “I think of myself as a Princess”, like I’ve got a Barbie doll ego or something like that. That was the way they were seeing me…

I don’t care too much about physical activity

Most of the time. If I end up in bed with someone, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I never know if I’m doing it right or wrong. For me, love is love, also on the physical side.

So, I get a lot of criticism for not being very “active” and willing to experiment.

I hate to talk dirty with my boyfriends

Again, it’s not an experience I like to have, as it would make me feel like some sort of animal- something I’m not and I don’t want to be.

I don’t like being treated like a “doll”

We live in the XXI Century, but some guys I met are having difficulties in understanding that I am a human being, with specific human needs, including kindness, affection, laughter, empathy, commitment, and so on.

So please, dear men, be aware that for us girls - life in plastic/isn’t fantastic.

I hate it when people don’t do what they promise to do, especially when there’s a lot of emphasis on it

So, usually, I’m criticized for being too “rigid” or demanding for others to keep their promises.

I don’t care much about how I dress

But other people do, and occasionally will let me know, with harsh comments.

I need a lot of sleep — at least 10 hours per night

Sorry if that makes me unlike anyone else, but that’s how my body works. I’ve struggled with insomnia for many years, and still do, even if I try to apply and follow all the advice I can find.

I cannot work a lot. I get burn out quickly

My bosses never were too happy to acknowledge that. I can’t do as much work as any other employee, a big minus for bonus issues inside the company.

Money and expensive things don’t necessarily make me happy

That’s something my aunt and mother shamed me for, all the time. I’m not rich. For some reason, it bothers people from my family a lot.

The thing is that money doesn't necessarily make me happier unless t's paying for medical issues.

Buying something expensive is like chocolate: makes me feel good at the moment, but doesn't deeply fulfill my soul.

If I feel lonely or sad, I am lonely and sad with or without a lot of money.

I hate thrillers and horror. I’m not mad about Agatha Christie or Conan Doyle either

Here in Italy, genres like horror and thriller are the most popular and appreciated, while they don’t really say anything to me. I’ve been shamed many times for my literary “bad taste”.

I still don’t know what my “special talent” is

I have no idea what my “ideal job” could be. I do know it would not include much physical effort. It could include socializing. I like people, generally.

I can only do well one thing at a time

Multiple jobs and activities going on in my life are not my things.

I have nervous breakdowns when people yell at me

It happened, sometimes in the past. When too many problems gathered, and too much criticism, I just exploded.

I don't like to be masculine

I’m fine and grateful for the way I was born.

I don't like it when people tell me I should be more like a man: bolder, fierce, judgemental, aggressive, and money-making oriented.

I just don't have those things in my nature, but for some reason- I am most of the time forced to live my life as a man, less than a woman.

I’m not crazy about social media

I do understand its utility, and often it’s so much fun. But too much is too much.

Sometimes, people give me weird glances when I happen to mention I’m not yet on Instagram or Twitter.

Actually now I am, but not obsessing about them.

I hope when the "Covid era" will be over, to come back to the real-life, and real-life is not about staying in front of a screen all day long.

I’m not great at feeding cats and watering plants

I do love them both, very much. Especially cats.

Sometimes, I get caught in other things, and sort of “forget” about feeding them, or buying their favorite treat. Sorry.

I hate to communicate exclusively through Whatsapp messages

It’s so annoying when a guy says he wants a relationship with you, and only sends written WhatsApp messages. He does that for months, even years, and then, when I’m tired and decide to move on, he protests: “but we were having such great communication... on Whatsapp”.

Yes, we did on your terms. 1 sentence by day.

And that belongs to the past.

I don’t have an exciting life. At least, it doesn't look like that from the outside

I don't know if it's because of the Covid. Probably.

Also in the past, since I was a girl, my cousins used to laugh at me because I would be studying or reading all the time, instead of having lots of boyfriends and “living my life”. Travel, doing sports, whatever they thought was cool.

To me, things are to be done with measure, and too much sport or traveling or whatever tires me.

I don’t have a perfect smile.

It’s ok, but not gorgeous.

I mean- not like "Instagram- gorgeous".

This is why I'm doubting to start a youtube channel.

I’m not blonde.

As some people (ex-boyfriend) were suggesting I should be.

Sorry, I would never change the color of my hair at someone else’s request.

I don’t know when I will get married and have kids

Big, big issue for everyone around me. Why am I not getting married? How do I dare not to have kids, like “everyone else”, “at my age”?

Believe me, I do want all of that. (And I think being single is ok, too.)

Just didn’t find the right person yet. Also, I was concentrating and working a lot on other things. Sorry if that doesn’t suit your perfect image of the perfect life for me.

Don’t ever judge someone you don’t know well.

It’s a total waste of time, and you risk hurting that person in the process.

Speak to people, communicate genuinely. Discover their unique self. Your life will be better.

Enjoy what people are, instead of what they aren’t.

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