The Secret Story of a September Cat and the "Miaowy" New Language

Roxana Anton

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Dear Readers and Followers,

It’s incredibly important to have support on our growth journey.

It means so much to have someone to “speak” to, when the world outside is tough, misunderstanding, and very lonely, sometimes.

Gratitude fills my heart when thinking about you, so this I send to you — sincere “thank you for being here”.

Today I was sitting in my old armchair in the backyard, looking at the sunlight caressing the warm leaves, while on its way to sleep, and wondering what to write about, and how exactly to do it.

The answer about what to write came to me together with the lovely silence of a September lazy light, this wonderful afternoon I wish had never ended.

I am aware of how lucky I am to have this sort of quietness. I know this moment won’t repeat soon, so I wanted to capture it somehow, for sharing with you and creating beautiful memories for later.

I was looking at the beautiful vine, lemon tree, aloe plants, roses, a small olive tree that attempts to grow its way to the sun. And grass. We have a lot of wild grass. I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures — because of their poor quality, I decided not to.

I was suddenly overwhelmed with love and gratitude for these small things, around me.

There is so much sweetness in this September light, among plants, flowers, and trees, it almost cannot be described in words.

It’s like I was aware of it almost for the first time.

Then, the little miracle happened: Micia, the dear old cat, suddenly appeared and started to cuddle and caress my hands and “kiss” my cheeks with her little tongue. I hadn’t seen her for two days.

She doesn’t belong to anyone, but she comes to visit almost every day. We have sort of adopted her.

My mother jokes about the fact that she comes here, to her favorite “restaurant” for lunch, and sometimes- to take a nap in her arms.

Her favorite place to hide and sleep is an old closet, where we keep our winter clothes.

When we are desperate that we don’t find her — that’s the best place to look for.

She pumps out with a sort of "catty smile" on her furry face, like telling us: I've tricked you again, miau-haha!

Here’s a picture of a lovely “someone” who looks just like her:

Micia is very smart and loving, the dearest Cat you have ever met. She has beautiful green eyes, often filled with a sort of touching melancholic glance.

When she looks at me from far, it’s almost like she’s meditating, while observing me and what I do.

I almost feel like she has an old, lonely soul, and nobody to share it with.

I think she would be happy to know that she will be the star of today’s post.

Today once more, I realized how important a cat is, for everyone sad, lonely, depressed.

A cat is like gold. She warms up your soul. She always makes you feel better. And she does it with nothing, only with cuddles, funny “smiles”, and lovely purring.

After giving Micia her favorite treat, I noticed other little birds came to visit, and suddenly I wasn’t lonely anymore.

There was an entire quire of young, fresh souls in the backyard.

I remembered how, during the 3 months of Lockdown, they were the ones to keep me company. Innocent, genuine friends, asking nothing other than a few pieces of bread.

Here where I live, everyone seems to hate pigeons. They disturb, they make a lot of mess.

During the Lockdown, I got a lot of visits from them, so honestly, I started liking them. They are sweet, quiet, shy, and curious at the same time. They don’t disturb much but make a lovely company.

At least, this is what happens in my case.

Dear lonely, sweet creatures that nobody cares or thinks about, from the wild world out there.

Today my warm thought goes to you, who rarely have a warm shelter.

We humans don’t know much about your secret life. We probably don’t understand you much, either. We often think you have no soul and don’t even care — if it’s not for our interest.

Thank you for your genuine company, in certain moments. I know that, if I would live in the city, I would rarely think of you.

I would be so concerned with other people and with survival.

Thank you for making me feel less lonely, in the Lockdown and in general.

Thank you for keeping me company, understanding, caressing me quietly, when I am sick or very sad.

I now understand why you are such an important part of God’s creation.

You were maybe designed to make humans more human when they alienate from beauty and peace. When they are sad, and life gets taught.

Humans sometimes are mean and harsh, because of the difficulties they have in life.

I believe a pet can save them, make them better, give them company, joy, caress.

I love you and care for you, even if maybe I cannot do much for you. I am aware of my little power.

The only small thing I can do is embrace you with my thoughts and with my prayer.

I somehow feel you forgive us, human beings, in your sweet, delightful innocence, for not respecting you, for haunting you, killing you, mistreating you, sometimes.

I pray that you are always well, and continue to give us free, genuine, sweet help and company.

Disclaimer: This story was written in a September warm light, in the back yard while dreaming about a better world where everybody would have shelter, food, and someone to love them.

Months after that, Micia was brought to the vet and had a hard surgery for one of her eye, but now is doing a lot better and stays mostly inside of the house, where she is well taken care of.

About the Miaowy Language

Having Micia and other cats around the house, it came naturally to start talking a "Miaowy" language.

When I wake up, I encourage myself to go out of bed with a strong, nostalgic "miaou", especially if I am feeling sick or tired or overwhelmed with all the things I have to do for the day.

The "miaou" gives me a small dose of courage to start facing the day, and I send my friend a "MiaoMorning!" Whatsapp message.

Sometimes, I prepare a few "miaocakes" = pancakes in the miaowy language, while listening to Justin Bieber's "Myummy" song, or Rihanna's "Miawawa" on Youtube.

Then, I get a "miaowy" breakfast, together with one of the cats who come and go in the house, and if I watch something funny on television, I would mix a "miaochywawa!" in the conversation.

If I see Micia in the backyard, I tell her to go have "miaolicious" brunch by catching a "squit-squit"- that is, a little rat. She is old - small mice are now her peculiar culinary taste.

So this is it, for now.

Be careful: only use the miaowy language with close friends and family.

Other episodes of the miaowy adventures will follow soon!

Wishing you all a miaowy day/night, and...

of course: a Miaowy New Year!

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