A Conversation With God and Things to Learn in the New Year

Roxana Anton

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The story I'm about to tell you is true and has helped me when I was 16, a confused, very scared teenager, living in a poor neighborhood and not knowing anything about life. My parents just separated, causing me deep pain, fury, despair. My safe innocent world was suddenly destroyed. My mother had to leave the country and get a job abroad, to pay the debts that my father left. Suddenly, in a few months, I was left completely alone in the world.

It was the hardest time of my life, as I also had to move out of my hometown and take University admission exams. I had no money. I knew nobody. It was horrible.

As a result of that, I felt a deep need to know if God existed if He could help me. I wanted to understand the meaning of life. What is our purpose here, on earth? I wanted that more than anything, with all my heart.

To understand if God is real (or not), I started to ask my questions directly to Him. I assumed that, if He truly existed and loved me more than anything, He had no reason not to answer me. It seemed logical and obvious.

After about two months of prayers, something incredible happened. You will not believe it… but it’s true!

In high school, I had this very special friend. She was older than me, and we used to hang together a lot and talk.

I was very sad about my parents’ divorce, I felt horrible, and she was the only person I could share my thoughts with.

One evening, as we stood in front of her house doorstep, my friend told me a very special story.

She shared a very intimate, life-changing experience, a sort of a “secret”, something she would have never said to anyone else, without a very solid reason. That story gave me hope and completely changed my life.

Please allow me not to reveal my friend’s identity, or share more details about her. I do hope that right now she is in a beautiful place, looking down at me, smiling and remembering what a great friendship we once had.

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“My name is Gabrielle, and what I’m about to share with you happened when I was younger.

The company where I was working wanted to send me abroad, so I had to do some medical exams.

While I was there in the hospital, I noticed that they took more blood than needed. That worried me. After the process came to an end, I felt weak and I fainted there, almost in the arms of the nurse.

I can’t explain what happened next, but … I do remember everything, very clearly.

I started to hear a strange noise as if someone was working with iron- made instruments. The noise became more intense as if a plane was about to take off. I was absorbed by a strange storm, into a large, dark tunnel.

After a while, that could be minutes or years, I started to see a little light, and it got bigger and bigger until I reached the end of the tunnel.

I got out of it and started to float on a gorgeous blue sky.

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I was floating in that beautiful sky, and suddenly realized how well I felt. I was completely relaxed.

I searched for something in that amazing blue sky, and my attention was drawn by the Sun. It had a golden yellow light, much more intense than what you can see from earth on a nice day. It surrounded me with such incredible love. I think that what we know here on earth as “Love” must be multiplied at least a thousand times, to be compared to that amazing Sun.

I started to ask myself: where am I? What’s going on? Am I dreaming?

The Sun started to communicate with me, told me he knew me and many other things, that I cannot express in words. I was completely in shock, so I asked for more explanations.

He didn’t have much time to explain everything, so the loving Sun invited me to see Him from the inside. In the beginning, I was scared, but after a while, He convinced me that it was safe and I had nothing to fear.

I was absorbed inside of Him -or It- with a huge speed, and I entered into a Sphere of Light, who had become huge. I was shocked to find myself in a magnificent new universe, with fantastic landscapes, things, and “people.” It was completely amazing, something you could never experience on earth, no matter where you go.

When I demanded to understand what was truly going on, my mind extended so much that I understood and knew everything, the highest knowledge that existed on that dimension, the knowledge of the Universe, of Cosmo, all the languages of every human being, animal and bird who ever existed, and also many, many other things. In that precise moment, I lived a great joy, as I knew absolutely everything. I understood with joy that the Cosmo and all the Universes are built with great harmony, that nothing is aleatory and everything is in perfect order, even the tiniest detail.

I understood that the “people” who lived in the Sphere of Light were incredibly smart, wise, loving, and diligent, and did from love and with love everything that the Light Creator was asking them to do.

In that universe, “people” never rested, and I think the worst torture for them would have been “to do nothing”- can you even imagine something like that?

When I truly understood where I was, my joy had no limits.

But it didn’t last long, as the Light Creator (even if I couldn’t see Him, his voice was everywhere with me) told me that I had seen enough and it was time for me to go back to earth.

At that precise moment, I saw it at the horizon: a dark, ugly planet, with no love and no light. It was sending lots of negative emotions: unmeasured greed for power, cruelty, anger, lies, hypocrisy, fighting, and all sort of misunderstanding.

At that point, I suddenly became desperate and asked why I had to go there, where everything was so ugly?

The loving voice told me that I wasn’t ready to live in the Sphere of Light, and so, to demonstrate its words, took me into a place similar to a cinema, where I could see my life as it had been until that moment. I saw myself like on a stage, and everything was alive and real. I was looking at myself, surrounded by the people that I had known until then. All that demonstrated, after the Light Creator’s criteria, that I wasn’t ready enough to continue my life in the Sphere of Light.

Then, like a new-born baby, I started to weep and beg not to be sent on earth, because it appeared so scary and ugly.

With the same love, I was asked to go back on earth, for the simple reason that I hadn’t finished my mission in my life.

I kept on weeping and protesting, so after a while, the Light Creator decided to send me to a very beautiful exotic place, explaining that I couldn’t continue my existence in the Sphere of Light, but if I wanted, I could live in that beautiful place.

At first, I was happy about my new condition, but after giving it a thought, I finally decided to return to earth, and finish what I had to do there.

The Light Creator encouraged me, with love, to go back to earth and try to be like those wonderful “people” I had met there, in the Sphere of Light, to return to it, as soon as possible.

When I left, I received the order to forget everything I had seen there.

I came back through the same tunnel, from above I could see myself in bed, surrounded by people who were worried about my health.

I recovered my vital soul in the arms of a scared nurse, who asked what was going on with me, and why I wasn’t answering.

I smiled at everyone and told them that nothing was wrong and that I was feeling well. I kept the secret from everyone, as I didn’t want to cause any panic or unwanted attention.

Before the end, I will let you know a few things that I was allowed to remember from that incredible, wonderful journey.

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1. The time that we live here on earth is only ours.

Everything I saw and experienced in the Sphere of Light would have lasted a lot of time, with our human measurements.

2. Comparing to the knowledge there was in the Sphere of Light, the highest knowledge of human beings is nothing more than a children’s fight. Nothing more! All the knowledge that we’re so proud of, comes from there, from the Sphere of Light.

3. Humans did their worst mistake when they took the liberty to separate science from religion, as they are one, and if people will not see them as one and reunite them, humankind will remain in darkness for a very long time.

4. Here on earth, we must learn the process of love. We must love all human beings, without conditions, just as we are all being loved by the Light Creator. We must also learn the science about how things and natural processes are going on, for everything to have life.

5. After leaving the human body, the human soul lives a life that is much more intense: life never ceases to exist. There are many places to live and to evolve in the Universe, but it’s us who decide our future destination. Depending on the lifestyle that we adopt here, on earth.

6. I think that the Light Entity is Our Creator, Our Father, who loves us with an incredible love, a love that is equally distributed for each of us.

Every time you feel in need or sorrow, tell Him your thoughts, with peace in your soul. He loves you and will help you. Have strong faith and never forget it!”

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