The Secret Christmas Story of Miau the Cat

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-Oh, how great to be a Cat! Have no worries, have no fear,

Sleep all day in someone's Hat, bring some joy to Someone's Dear!

Disclaimer: this is a true story, from 2020 Christmas time.

Once upon a time, in a little town in Northern Italy, lived a cat called Miau.

He was one of the loveliest cats ever born, with shiny white fur, and traces of Nutella chocolate all over his body. But the best thing about Miau the Cat was its nose: it was a black nose in the shape of a heart.

Because of such a lovely, interesting nose, all the children from that little town came to see Miau, caress that soft, shiny fur, feed him and take pictures with that amazing, lovely nose in the shape of a heart.

Miau didn't have someone to take care of him - he belonged to the entire village.

-How great to be a cat! - he thought, a few days before Christmas, while eating his favorite treat, in the Tabaccheria who was also selling newspapers and children toys.

-Since I came to this little town, I had such a free life. Everybody loves me because of my heart-shaped nose.

Winter and spring are not so cold, so I can wander on the streets and at night - go to someone's back yard.

The Romanian people gave me an armchair- all mine, with a lovely woolen blanket where I can sleep on frozen nights. They always feed me with lots of treats.

When it's too cold, they let me inside the house and I sleep on the woman's knees, to keep her warm.

They have such a colorful house, full of old objects they greatly enjoy. The mother -Lacramioara - is a little rough sometimes, but she takes so much care of me and loves me so much! The daughter -Roxana- is sweet, she loves to pet me, feed me, look at me for hours while I play, and tell me amazing stories in her beautiful, poetical language.

Sometimes I wonder if she's lonely/ that's why she has a special, special love for me.

- A lot of people seem lonely here. Maybe it's because of the Covid virus this year - I heard it took away lots of lives.

So happy to be a cat - I can't even take the virus! I feel free and protected. I have a big home, with more than 2000 family members!

-There's a German family who always feeds me and takes care of me. A few weeks ago, Corinne took me to the veterinary. I had some troubles with my eyes. The doctor was gentle, he put some drops into my eyes, and now I'm better. So grateful to you, dear Doctor!

-With November, also came the cold. Not much though, a minimum of 12 degrees by night. I stay in the woolen armchair in the Romanian backyard, it's so cozy there! I have flowers and a lemon tree to smell. From time to time, I say hello to Mister and Miss Mice. They live on the ground floor of an old house and have many children. They come to sing and dance by the moonlight, and they love me too for my heart-shaped nose!

-In the daytime, I sleep on the merchandise from the central supermarket. I help them arrange it on the shelves.

I supervise all work, even if I'm tired of my singing and partying with Family Mice all night long. In the end, they feed me generously, all clients pet me and take pictures with me.

I'm the Miau Superstar, do you know what I'm saying?

-From December, things got even better. Since it's cold outside, the Tabaccheria's owners offered me a permanent home. I can sleep the night in - what a great occasion to read all the newspapers, books and children's magazines! I get to play a lot with everybody.

I have a cozy home now, for all day long, and don't even have to bother going outside!

I still do, though. It's Christmas time now, and such splendid lights and decorations, everywhere!

-The coolest thing is that I have my "throne" right in the middle of the shop: a box to sleep in, with the writing: "BOSS" on a side, and "KILLER" on the other side. I had a few laughs when I saw it! They made my day!

-Yesterday, the Romanian girl with her boyfriend came inside.

She probably heard I am staying in the Tabaccheria now. I'll be staying all winter long. She gave me lots of caresses. I know her, we already met in the street and at the supermarket where I used to hang on all the time.

She loves my heart-shaped nose, too. She even made a little video with me.

-Oh, how great to be a Cat! Have no worries, have no fear,

Sleep all day in someone's Hat, bring some joy to Someone's Dear!

The Romanian girl looked better yesterday, with her make-up on and a beautiful, white coat that made her look like Snow White. She was beautiful, but only I can see inside her heart, and I know that she sometimes feels lonely.

She is full of dreams, and sometimes dreams don't happen. I know it from experience.

She looks as if she is going to be ok, and all her dreams will come true, at least the good ones. She looks like a girl full of positive thinking and a positive vibe - just like her boyfriend.

His name is Davide. And for the first time in my life, I don't know how to describe him.

He is tall, with dark hair, and seems to be a deeply thoughtful person. He likes to go to the toy section or to read children's magazines. He sometimes seems like a child to me. A good person, full of energy.

This year, there was a big virus all over the world, and people were more separated than ever. They cannot see each other and get near each other.

It was a hard year, and it still isn't over.

I am glad that at least here, in this little town, people still can go out, meet, hug each other, and live an almost normal life.

I am glad that these two people get to meet, talk, and socialize.

-The Romanian Snow-White would like someone, a friend, who appreciates and respects her... she needs some love, and caresses. I hope she will have everything she wishes for.

Maybe a family, someday.

I hope they all do. I know how hard this year was, for some of them. For most of them.

I pray for people all the time. Not just because they feed me. It's because I care for them. People are my best friends (and mice, too).

-Oh, how great to be a Cat! No more worries, no more fear,

Sleep all day in someone's Hat, bring some joy to someone's dear!

For this Christmas, dear Humans, I have no other wish - than to get rid of viruses and diseases and problems. I wish you to live a happy, nice life, and all your good wishes to come true.

I wish for all my fellows' cats and dogs to have a safe shelter and someone who loves them.

I wish everybody to have someone who loves them. This must be the most beautiful thing in the world!

-Every night, I get to listen to a classical Christmas concert on Cimi's tablet. The owner loves cats, and he loves me. I'm a cultivated cat, you know! I know Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Grieg, Sibelius - almost by heart!

- Oh, how great to be a Cat, lots of presents you'll receive,

I'm the Boss of every shop, do some good on Christmas Eve!

This story is part of the Writing contest #nbholidaycheer.

If you want me to write another episode, please tell me in the comment section.

Happy Holidays everyone, stay safe, stay well!

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