Self Confidence is Everything.


It is the challenges and situations you have to face in running your life, that will develop your self-confidence.
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Maybe you’ve asked this question so many times;

“Can a person be born with self-confidence?”

The answer is of course NO.Genetics has a role in shaping a person’s character, but confidence must be built over time. The real question here is:

What is confidence?

According to psychologist Albert Bandura, “Self-confidence is belief in one’s ability to organize and carry out the actions necessary to manage future situations.”Confidence is formed when you can assess your personal abilities and knowledge so you believe that, you can solve a problem.
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Simply put, you can think of self-confidence as a positive feeling that feels good. Feelings that help you achieve the things you want to achieve faster and easier.

Benefits of being a confident person

Through the explanation above, self-confidence is a positive thing, and also useful in life. When you have high self-confidence, here are the things you get to enjoy as noted over time;

Respect for yourself: The more people feel confident in themselves, the more they will appreciate themselves and their personal abilities.

Happiness: People who have high self-confidence are most likely going to feel happy with themselves and can enjoy life.

Rarely feel afraid and anxious: They can accept, adapt, learn, and benefit from any situation in life. In this way, they naturally replace fear and anxiety with greater confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Free from social anxiety: The more they feel safe with themselves, the less they worry about what other people think of them.

The mind is calmer and less stressed: Their life becomes calmer and stress-free because they don’t feel afraid or anxious.

More energy and motivation: The more confident you are that you can achieve the life goals you want to achieve, the more you will be enthusiastic and motivated to take action to achieve them!

Be successful: A person who has a sense of self-confidence tends to be more successful.

9 practical ways to build self-confidence

Do you want to be someone who is more confident in yourself?

Then, you should try these 9 ways to build confidence in yourself.1. Be realistic with your own abilities

Get to know yourself, what are the advantages and disadvantages have people noted about you? Do you have the ability to complete a particular job or do you need help?

By being realistic about your personal abilities, you are able to handle activities or jobs that are submitted by others. For example, if your boss asks you to handle a particular project, take the time to evaluate your skills and commitment before you answer.In this way, you get to think more maturely and if eventually accept it, you accept it in a position where you are confident in yourself.
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2. Don’t compare yourself with others

There will always be someone prettier, richer, or smarter than you. But you must remember that you don’t know what’s really going on in their life.Everyone has their own uniqueness. Compare yourself at all times. By that I mean, yourself, today with yourself, yesterday. Is today’s person someone who is better than yesterday?

It’s better to focus on your self-development and remember the progress that you have gone through up to this point. This is a very good way to increase self-confidence.
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3. Taking care of the body

A healthy and prime body condition can build a sense of self-confidence. Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Without realizing it, having an ideal body will suggest that your body shape is better than before. So, you will be more confident in your body shape.The ideal body shape will minimize feelings of inferiority when meeting new people and it will also make your body healthier.
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4. Learn from the past

Learn from your previous success stories. If previously, you could do it, now you can do it again.Make a list of the achievements that you have achieved and make yourself proud. Try to find inspiration again from the success that you have achieved.If you have failed to achieve your goals in the past, learn again what you can fix from the mistakes you made. There is always something to learn from our past.
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5. Get out of your comfort zone

Self-confidence will increase if you are faced with situations outside your comfort zone. Doing small things that are new and unusual is a great way to boost your confidence.You can meet new people, try a new hobby, or learn a new skill. Although at first, it may not be comfortable, the more you live, the smarter you can develop.
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6. Dressing attractively increases self-confidence

The way you dress affects how other people view you. This also affects the way you see yourself. A study shows that wearing different clothes can make you think and act differently.Wear clothes that make you more confident in yourself.
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7. Set goals to be achieved

Setting small goals and then achieving them can increase self-confidence. This will give you the boost that you need to know that you can do this. Do not set unrealistic goals because failure can reduce self-confidence.
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8. Practice positive affirmations

Doing positive affirmations can be one way to be confident. You can say things like “I can do this” or “I can definitely pass this challenge”. This will help you increase your self-confidence.
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9. Improve posture

This may sound strange, but your posture can affect how you feel about yourself.You can try sitting or walking with a more upright body so that it can help you to be more confident in yourself.Usually, people with stooped posture show a lack of confidence in themselves. For that, make sure your body is sturdy and your chest is swollen forward while walking. Having the perfect body posture is a quick way to build self-confidence.
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Confidence can be built over time. By having self-confidence, your life will feel better. People can enjoy many benefits by being someone who is confident in themselves.It is known that the experience of early childhood has a significant contribution to self-confidence. Don’t forget to try the methods above to increase your self-confidence.

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