First Impression Matters


Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge someone based on their look or appearance alone.

Is that true?
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But sometimes, without us realizing it, we also give judgment to someone based on the first impression they display. Unfortunately, there is a saying that goes like this;

“Maybe we won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression”.

Halo Effect and Impression on Someone

Our first impression of someone at the first meeting will usually affect the next meeting. For example, a lecturer who wears a shirt, coat, and glasses during the first meeting in a lecture will give the impression of a professional and intelligent lecturer.

Even though in subsequent meetings he does not always wear a shirt, coat, and glasses, the perception of students will be led and assume that he is an intelligent lecturer.

Why is that?

This is because we tend to see someone who looks neat and attractive as a good and reliable person. This is what is known as the halo effect. “The impression you create may affect future job opportunities, collaborations or other important matters” — James Uleman, Ph.D

You’re probably thinking, how then do we make a good impression at the first meeting? Here are some tips that we can try.

Arrive on time

Arriving a few minutes earlier than the promised time will make us more prepared, and have spare time to prepare. Of course, this helps us to calm down and adjust to the meeting place. If we arrive early, it can also give a good impression that we are disciplined people, we value time, and also value the people we will meet.

Emit A Positive Aura Through Body Language

Some of us are attracted to people who have a positive attitude and make us feel good through their positive attitude. An easy way to connect with someone you’re meeting for the first time is by exuding a positive attitude through your body language.

When meeting new people for the first time, shaking hands can be one thing you can do to start a conversation. Shaking hands with someone you just met for the first time can be a symbol of confidence.

A handshake and a smile can make the person believe and trust us. In addition, maintaining eye contact with the other person is a sign that we want to be good listeners. It shows there is a genuine desire to establish relationships, and make others believe in us.

We can also maintain our posture to stay face to face with people we meet for the first time, during the conversion process. This can show that we are interested in the conversation.

Minimize the Use of Gadgets

Try putting your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode (also known as DND mode) during the meeting so as not to repeatedly check the gadget. Checking gadgets on a regular basis will interfere with our focus on the conversation.

In addition, people who meet us for the first time will think that we are easily distracted and less serious in conversations. Or better still, keep your gadgets in your bag and stay focused on the other person. Try to really be there, and be there for them.

Be yourself

Sometimes we find it difficult to cover up our anxiety when we meet new people for the first time, especially if that person is an important person or someone we really want to meet. However, instead of being someone else, feel comfortable being yourself.

No need to overdo it and even become stiff. We can prepare well in advance for meeting new people, for example choosing clothes that we think are comfortable. In addition, we can also reduce small movements such as playing with our hands or shaking our feet. This way, we don’t look like we are feeling so nervous. Be yourself when you meet someone for the first time.

Act as you normally would, but, you also have to maintain a good attitude.

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