An Enemy Called Friend- FRENEMY!

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Friendship is a relationship that can enrich our lives in so many ways. It can play a key role in our personal growth and happiness. We all know that having a true friend is very important, but the truth is that it’s not an easy task to find a friend whom you can trust.

When we get close to someone, we tend to be more relaxed around them. We are able to act out and display our true selves, a self that we would never dream of exposing in public. We share our deepest and darkest secrets with them because we trust that they will keep these secrets locked away. We always believe that this person will never talk about us behind our backs and will always have our backs.

Trust is the foundation on which friendships are built, and if broken, it can lead to devastating consequences for both parties involved. However, sometimes things go wrong and the friendship ruptures. When this happens, the friendship may not recover, or even worse, you may be left with a "Frenemy".

This type of person is someone who pretends to be your friend but actually dislikes you and enjoys seeing you fail or being hurt by others. They also tend to spread gossip about you and believe all the slanderous rumors about you, even if they have no proof that they are true. These people might actually seem like friends, but as I said earlier, they are in fact your enemies.

A frenemy is a very dangerous person because they start off as a friend, so you automatically trust them. As such, when they start spreading rumors about you, it will be easy for people to believe them.

Be wary of them.

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