Near-Death Experiences, according to scientists, prove that there is an afterlife, they claim

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One of the biggest unsolved questions in life is what awaits us when we die. Over the course of many years, several religions have developed their own interpretations of what mankind means by the term "afterlife," which refers to the continuation of our spiritual journey. People who follow the teachings of the Christian religion believe that they will either go to paradise or hell depending on what they do and what they choose. Reincarnation may take the form of a different human being or even an animal, depending on your religious beliefs.

Also, scientists have begun to accept the notion of a hereafter not based on religious beliefs but on the experiences that individuals who were close to death experienced. Having one's whole life flash before their eyes is one of the most commonly documented phenomena that occurs before a person dies.

Not only has this been shown in several films and literature, but it has also been confirmed by doctors who have saved the lives of patients who were on the verge of death. According to old research by the Missouri State Medical Association, only 17% of people who were on the verge of passing away had a near-death experience. Most individuals go into a state of unconsciousness in numerous circumstances.

Studying this issue, experts have found that there is a pattern dependent on the individual's awareness. Near death, those who are more devout often perceive God and other biblical figures. Also, each person's near-death experience is different because each person's awareness is different.

In his book, "Life Beyond Life," Raymond Moody, one of the first professionals to investigate this topic, has documented several near-death experiences.

Scientists have decided that people who are unconscious when they have near-death experiences shouldn't be able to have lucid experiences that make them think their soul or consciousness is making a spiritual transition to a new life or afterlife. This is because lucid experiences are caused by a physical near-death state of the body, not by the soul or consciousness.

Medical experts at the New York Academy of Sciences have conducted a study on cardiac arrest-induced near-death experiences, and they found that the human body and mind are unable to maintain full consciousness during such an urgent situation, and thus cannot remember a lucid "dream" of the afterlife.

The body is only a means to an end, but the spirit and awareness are what really count. Human awareness and the existence of souls have eluded science's grasp thus far, despite decades of research. Science has shown that consciousness exists, but it says that people don't have the skills or knowledge to fully understand it.

But in many cases, including this one, science can't explain exactly how near-death experiences happen, which supports the idea that there is life after death.

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