OOPS, we did it again. Shout out to the hater.

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Note: In order to fully understand this post - I urge you to go back and read "She's here…My traumatic birth story"

Now, Just a little aside before I get started talking about my sweet Nora…

Much to the surprise and dismay (I'm sure) of "Guest" with the reindeer emoji profile picture, I did in fact "breed again". (GASP) I know, I know, you are all shocked. How dare I. This kind keyboard warrior gave some great, and exceptionally helpful feedback on my last birth story post. To quote this wise stranger directly, "They should've done a hysterectomy to keep her from breeding again or she'll be in the same problem next time…some women never learn…"

Ok. First of all, rude.

Second, I think you mean "should have"

Third…. your grammar, and your (very professional) medical opinion doesn't even make sense. You are right sir, they should of just sterilized me without my consent to prevent further pregnancies.

Let me just go off on a little rant and say WHAT. THE. FUCK. What makes people say such idiotic stuff like this to others? In real life or behind their computer and phone screens. Luckily I just laughed it off, but a lot of people wouldn't of done that. I used to be sensitive, I would of for sure cried seeing a comment like that. Thankfully, I've grown a thicker skin and can just shrug this idiot off. I attribute that a lot to my profession as a nurse. Shout out to all the assholes out there! Another thing, what if I hadn't already gotten pregnant again and successfully given birth without complications? That's a pretty, damn discouraging (and scary) comment to read. What if I had JUST gotten pregnant again and I read something like that. Oh, it's going to happen again! What an imbecile I must be to yearn to have more children, won't I ever learn?! What a joke. Especially as a postpartum women. You have no idea how fresh that trauma was for me. What if I was still dealing with PTSD from it… a comment like that can send someone over the edge. If I had to guess, you are either a very ignorant women, or a male. Sorry - not sorry.

PHEWF. Ok. I think I feel better now. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Onto the birth of my lovely unicorn baby, Nora.

Before Charleigh, I thought I wanted kids super close together. 18 months and pop another one out nice and easy. HA! After Charleigh's birth, I swore I wouldn't be ready to have another for a long ass time because of what I went through. It took a really long time for me to even think about being ready to try again. Then all of a sudden one day, something clicked into place and I just felt ready. I don't know why, or how, but it happened. I was no longer scared to re live that day all over again, I was ready for another one; and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that it would be different this time…easier.

With Char, it seemed to be a one and done type situation. Very easy to get pregnant. With Nora, it took 3 months. I remember feeling really discouraged because it didn't happen as fast as the first time. In reality, looking back, I know how lucky we are to have been able to conceive so quick. It really is a blessing. I found out I was pregnant super early just like the first time and rushed out to get Charleigh a big sister shirt to announce it to Cam.


My pregnancy was much like the first, no symptoms, however I was a bit more nauseous and 100 times more tired. Slightly more hormonal.... ok. A lot more hormonal. Working as a paediatric nurse and caring for a CRAZY toddler was exhausting. At around 8 weeks I paraded into a night shift and took my own blood to find out the gender with an early detector kit out of the states (shout out to sneak peak!) We found out that we were having another girl! Later confirmed by ultrasound at 20 weeks. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop the whole pregnancy. I kept waiting to swell up like a giant balloon animal with my blood pressure shooting through the roof. It never happened though. There was 4 or 5 of us pregnant at work, all due around the same time as well. Something in the water in Edmonton, Alberta perhaps? We would all check each others blood pressures and blood glucose on night shift to make sure we were all on track. #nurselife haha. My OB was very, very diligent with checking my labs for pre-eclampsia and sending me for extra ultrasounds to make sure I didn't have another 10 lbs baby on board. We had a bit of a scare around 32 weeks where the ultrasound indicated that Nora's head was extremely large for her size and that she was 6.5 lbs give OR take 2 lbs. Ummmmmm, give or take? Hopefully not give since I still had 8 weeks left. We continued to monitor Nora closely through ultrasound. She continued to grow in the 75th percentile and head size in the 99th percentile. I was exhausted, tired, sore. My OB was worried that if I had another baby as big as my last I would be at a higher risk for another postpartum hemorrhage. Already having a PPH put me at a higher risk of it happening again (as guest with the reindeer profile pic graciously pointed out). These factors combined helped my OB and I make the decision to induce labour at 38 + 3 weeks.

OH, did I forget to mention… This was all in the midst of a freaking pandemic!!! Back in April when everything started the risk to pregnant women and their babies was unknown. It still is largely unknown because who wants to volunteer to find out!! We thought that it was best to take off work around 35 weeks because COVID and round ligament pain. Side note: OMG round ligament pain and pelvic pain is the fricken worst. God help me if I have another one because I've been told it only gets worse every time. My legs felt like turkey wishbones ready to crack at any minute. I was literally about to snap in half everytime I took a step.

On that note… I think I will leave off here. I just entered COVID times and there is a lot to say about giving birth in a pandemic and everything associated with that. You'll have to tune back in ;)



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