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Hey Guys! This blog post is for new new moms, expectant moms, moms that are looking for new products, grandmas looking to spend money, and perhaps even some confused Dads.

When I had Charleigh I has somewhat of an idea of what I needed, but this was only because of knowing what I needed at work to take care of the nuggets. My husband had no idea and thought that I was nuts with the things I was bringing to him saying we needed this. For example, a moma roo…. lifesaver, right? Also, “why on earth do we need 5 different change pad covers and crib sheets?!” I’m pretty sure after the first week he would agree with me that we in fact did need that many. (Poosplosions… need I say more?) We were the first of our local friends to have kids so we purchased everything we needed new. Looking back… we definitely could have gone the buy and sell route but I have a thing with germs. I think that maybe comes with being a nurse?? So I definitely COULD have done things cheaper. But, I have been extremely happy with everything that we have picked out for Charleigh. Everything has since been handed down to little Nora Grey. I would love to share and hopefully make someone’s journey a bit easier!! As always, please do your own research before purchasing these products!

The Following List is going to highlight my FAVOURITE baby products. Keep in mind these are not necessarily the baby products that I think you NEED to have in order to keep a tiny human alive.

Crib Sheets: Copper Pearl These crib sheets have the absolute cutest prints! They wash well and the colour doesnt fade.
Change Pad Sheets: Copper Pearl These change pad covers come in all of the same prints as the crib sheets so that you can feed your momma OCD and matchy match everything!
Car Seat Cover: Copper Pearl The softest, cutest prints. Not to mention very a versatile design. These carseat covers have been especially important the second time around when I've been concerned with covering my baby during the pandemic.
Swaddles: Milk Maid Goods SOFT. Stretchy! Cozy, matching bows! What more do you need?
Bibs: Copper Pearl Safe to say, copper pearl is one of my most favourite baby brands. Cute prints, stylish design and absorbant cloth.
Burp Cloths: Copper Pearl Are you surprised?! So basically, just buy everything from copper pearl. They should really be sponsoring this post... lol.
Infant Carseat: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 This infant carseat has been amazing for both of my girls. I love that the leather can easily be wiped. It cleans up really well. The design is timeless and classy as well. very comfy for the kiddos. High safety ratings as well. This was very important to me.
Convertible Carseat: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 5-65 Clek We had the Peg Perego convertible carseat at first. Loved it! It was on the heavier, bulky side though.I didn't love that about it. It was quite wide, so this would become a concern if you needed to fit 3 carseats across. High safety rating! Very important. We switched to the Clek aftering legalling having to replace after a car accident. I have been very happy with the Clek as well. Extremely high safety ratings. Slim design. Stylish, and easy to clean fabric.
Sleepers: Kyte Baby
L’oved Baby
Zippy Jamz
Bonds Baby *HOT MOM LIFE HACK* Always, I mean always, buy the zipper pajamas. Your future self will thank you in the middle of the night. The only time I can see buttons being helpful is if you have a NICU baby or a child in hospital care.
Breast Pump: Madela Pump In Style Double Electric Elvie Pump I use both of these pumps. I only had the Madela the first time and I found I was frustrated with how bulky it was. I felt attached to my pump (and attached to the wall!) This simply just wouldn't work with a newborn and a busy AF toddler. I took the plunge and purchased the hands free Elvie pump. SO, SO amazing. highly recommended.
Nipple Cream: Gaia Nipple Balm AH- Mazing. You need to splurge on this.
Nursing Pillow: YummyStyle Nursing Pillow comfy, easy to wash, stylish! I still use it.
Bottles: Dr. Browns
Avent Natural Como Tomo I am currently using Como Tomo with my exclusively breast fed 8 month old. I like it because it is one that is most similar to breast. Nora will turn down every bottle except this one. I used Dr. Browns and Avent with my first daughter, Charleigh and loved them.
Feeding: Baby Brezza LIFE SAVER! That's all I have to say about the Brezza. It's like a baby espresso machine, so cool!
Carrier: Beluga Baby Comfy, stylish!
Stroller: City Select Baby Jogger Such an amazing purchase. I love that it is so convertible.
Bouncer: 4moms Mamaroo Again, another life saver when you just need to put the baby down!!
Diaper Bag: Miss. Fong Fawn Design I had this super cute knock off fawn bag the first time... I got an upgrade for the second baby.
Diapers: Huggies Hello Bello We ususally use Huggies - when I am feeling fancy, I go for Hello Bello. SUPER cute designs. Great absorption.
Floor Seat: Bumbo
Sleep Sack: Kyte Baby Guys, this sleep sack is like BUTTER. I repeat, butter. You need at least one.
Baby Monitor: V-Tech VM 343 I like that this monitor isn't a wifi monitor - ain't no one be creeping on my babies!!
Baby Tub: BOON Soak
Snot Sucker: Hydrasense Baby Nasal Aspirator A MUST have if you ask me. Snotty babies?! No thanks.
Highchair: Peg Perego Pima Pappa Zero3 So convenient! Our favourite highchair. Easy to wipe and clean.
Clothing: Portage and Main
Darling Designz
Hello Littles Co.
Plum Kids Label
Bean + Boo
Jaxed Jeans
Pickled Peach Co.
Jax and Lennon Co. I LOVE Shopping local, canadian, small & sustainable. But hey, I also love me some Old Navy & Walmart. $4 leggins at Walmart? Sign me up!
Bows: Hello Littles Co.
Portage and Main
Mama Made Bows
Lex and Lillies
Blanket: Dotboxed Both my girls baby blankets are made by this small, canadian company!
Books: “Thats Not My” Board Books
Toys: Manhattan Toy Company I love motessori inspired wood toys!
Body Wash: Johnson’s Lavender Bedtime Bath
Shampoo: Johnson’s Lavender Bedtime Shampoo
Lotion: Johnson’s Lavender Bedtime Lotion
Aveeno Eczema Care Hello Bello Johnson & Johnson has a classis, delicious smell that brings me back to when my babies were newborns.
Baby Food & Snacks: Love Child Organics Welo Probiotics Welo Probiotics makes the tastiest, healthiest snacks. Perfect for toddlers - my daughter eats approx 5 of them a day!
Teethers: Sloan & Blake
Weebears Chewable Designs Chewelry & Babe Chewelry & Babe is one of my absolute FAV Canadian brand and the owner is a bad ass mom boss!

Last, but not least, Don't forget about yourself!! If there is anything I've learned its take care of you. Your kids need a good, happy, stable momma.
Pampering for Mom: Saje Wellness
So Luxury



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