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Netflix's latest binge-worthy series has viewers mesmerized by the elaborate costumes, scintillating storylines, and sex scenes that give the cast of Game of Thrones a run for their money. Based on the fiction series written by Julia Quinn, these days Bridgerton is at the top of everyone's must-watch list.

Set in Regency-era England, the series takes place at the start of "the season," during which formal events were held by the elite to introduce their children to society. Often, this is where wealthy families would find their kids a suitable marriage partner, or in the case of Bridgerton, fake relationships. The series follows the lives of these wealthy families as they navigate "the season" while under the watchful eye of an anonymous town gossip who reveals all in her newsletters.

Starring mainly British actors, you may see a few familiar faces while you binge. Here's where you might recognize the cast of Bridgerton from:

Prince Friederich Played By Freddie Stroma

Freddie Stroma as Prince Friederich on Bridgerton | Giphy

British actor Freddie Stroma portrays Prince Friederich, first appearing in episode three "Art of the Swoon." As the Queen's nephew, the kind and handsome Prince is seen as a potential suitor for Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor). Without giving away too much, we see the Queen scheme to get Prince Friederich together with Daphne across several episodes.

Freddie Stroma as Luke in Pitch Perfect | Giphy

If Stroma looks familiar, it's likely because you've seen him before. You might remember him as Beca's boss Luke, the sexy radio DJ with abs of steel in Pitch Perfect. Stroma also appeared in a 2016 episode of Game of Thrones titled "Blood of My Blood." He portrayed Dickon Tarly, Samwell Tarly's younger brother. You likely remember Sam as Jon Snow's bestie on the Night's Watch.


Freddie Stroma as Cormac McLaggen in the Harry Potter franchise | Facebook

Like so many British actors, Stroma also appeared in the Harry Potter franchise. He portrayed Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. A year older than Harry and his friends, McLaggen's most memorable scene was when he attended Professor Horace Slughorn's Slug Club Christmas party with Hermione Granger. She notably spends the entire evening trying to avoid her date.

Cressida Cowper Played By Jessica Madsen


Jessica Madsen as Cressida Cowper on Bridgerton | Facebook

Jessica Madsen portrays Cressida Cowper, Daphne's rival and fellow debutante. She is often compared to Daphne and competes for Prince Friederich's affections. This is Madsen's first big role in a series, however, she has appeared in several well-known films.


Jessica Madsen as Becky in Rambo: Last Blood | IMDB

Madsen had a minor role alongside Sylvester Stallone in 2019's Rambo: Last Blood. She portrayed Becky, a hiker lost in the woods with two of her friends. A flood ends up killing her friends as she is rescued by Rambo himself.


Jessica Madsen as Clarice in Leatherface | IMDB

The actress also had a small role in the 2017 prequel, Leatherface. As part of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, the film tells the story of a teenage Leatherface. Madsen portrays Clarice, an escaped mental patient, and pyromaniac on the run with several other patients. Ultimately, it's revealed that one of her friends is Leatherface.

Mrs. Varley Played By Lorraine Ashbourne


Lorraine Ashbourne and her husband Andy Serkis | Facebook

Actress Lorraine Ashbourne has appeared in several Netflix shows and plays Mrs. Varley on Bridgerton. As the Featherington family housekeeper, her role is fairly small. That doesn't mean you aren't likely to recognize the actress from her other work though.

Ashbourne also portrays British politician Barbara Castle on another Netflix favorite, The Crown. Based on history, Ashbourne appears in five 2019 episodes.

Lady Whistledown Played By Julie Andrews


Bridgerton voice actress Julie Andrews | Facebook

The infamous Julie Andrews is the voice behind the mysterious Lady Whistledown who pens the town's scandalous newsletter. While no one knows her identity just yet, we do know that Andrews is the voice behind the gossip queen. You may not get to see the actress's famous face on the show, but her voice likely triggers some memories from your youth.

In addition to starring in classics like The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, Andrews also appeared alongside Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement. She portrayed the Queen of Genovia, Queen Clarisse Renaldi who prepares Princess Mia to replace her on the throne.

Andrews has been lending her voice to films since the early 2000s including Shrek 2, Shrek Forever After, Despicable Me, and The King's Daughter.

Gregory Bridgerton Played By Will Tilston


Florence Hunt and Will Tilston in Bridgerton | IMDB

Actor Will Tilston plays the seventh child and youngest son in the Bridgerton family, Gregory Bridgerton. While his role is fairly small, he's often seen playing with marbles or teasing his sister. Despite his young age, you still may recognize Tilston from his only previous role.


Domhnall Gleeson and Will Tilston in Goodbye Christopher Robin | IMDB

Tilston appeared in the 2017 film, Goodbye Christopher Robin as a young Christopher Robin. The film describes what inspired writer AA Milne to come up with Winnie the Pooh and the rest of the characters in his famous children's book series.

Portia Featherington Played By Polly Walker


Polly Walker as Portia Featherington in Bridgerton | IMDB

Actress Polly Walker portrays Portia Featherington, the Baroness of the Featherington family. She and her husband have three daughters, Philippa, Prudence, and Penelope. The youngest of the three, Penelope, often finds herself heartbroken as she competes with the other girls for the attention of numerous men at high society events.


Polly Walker as Atia of the Julii in Rome | IMDB

Walker is familiar with performing in period-pieces. She starred in Rome alongside actors Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson portraying Atia of the Julii. She also played Cassiopeia in 2010's Clash of the Titans.

You can watch Bridgerton now on Netflix!

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