'Teen Mom 2': Is Briana DeJesus Intentionally Making Her Baby Daddies Look Bad For Ratings?

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  • Briana DeJesus' first baby daddy, Devoin Austin, is fed up with being used as a ploy in her storylines on Teen Mom 2.
  • After feuding for weeks, Devoin has revealed some shocking insight into Briana's manipulation and controlling nature.
  • Screenshots of texts between the exes indicate that Briana might be intentionally making her baby daddies look bad to improve her ratings.

We've all noticed the storylines on Teen Mom 2 have been pretty weak lately. How many times can we watch Kail Lowry argue over custody with her baby daddies? Or sit through another episode where Chelsea DeBoer shows off her sexy husband and perfect family?

Without Jenelle Evans' trashy storyline to guarantee a drama-filled episode week after week, the show just hasn't been the same. Nevertheless, it looks like Briana DeJesus is working hard to amp up her own storyline. A feud between her and baby daddy Devoin Austin has shed some light on this teen mom's shady maneuvers behind the scenes.

Devoin shared some screenshots on Tuesday that have led many to believe Briana makes him look bad for higher ratings.

Devoin Reveals He Won't Be On 'Teen Mom 2' Anymore


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Devoin's recent Instagram story revealed that he won't be in the next season of Teen Mom 2 because Briana no longer needs him for her storyline. The text messages he shared not only give insight into Briana's restrictive co-parenting, but also Devoin's pettiness as he publically shared the reality star's entire phone number.

That's nothing, however, compared to how Briana tells Devoin what the schedule is rather than having an open discussion about it. Doesn't she always complain about him making last-minute changes to plans? Clearly, based on these texts she is just as guilty of this.

And it gets worse...


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Briana heard that Devoin got a raise from MTV (as he deserves for how they've damaged his reputation for our entertainment), and suddenly she doesn't need his help picking up Nova during the weeks MTV will be filming. She has said she doesn't want her baby daddies to be part of her storyline next season, but she's certainly going out of her way to make sure Devoin doesn't get any camera time while the MTV crew is in town. She clearly doesn't care that some extra cashflow for Devoin would be beneficial for not only him but both her and Nova as well.

Briana may not want to share the spotlight, but she clearly doesn't want to share time with their daughter either. Her possessive parenting techniques are going to lead to a lot of resentment when these kids get older and realize why they don't have a good relationship with their fathers.


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Devoin lashed out at his ex saying:

"Briana you are scum and I hope you rot in hell. Start using condoms."

He's not giving up on his daughter though, despite all the hopes he has to jump through just to get some face time. Devoin predicts that Briana will introduce a new boyfriend or have another baby in order to keep her storyline interesting next season!

He didn't stop there though...

Devoin Points Out The Obvious


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The DeJesus family definitely isn't known for having anything nice to say about the few men they let into their lives. It's fairly obvious that they've been burned enough over the years, and despite what Briana says, they don't give anyone a chance.

Fortunately for Nova, Devoin recognizes their bias and plans to break the cycle. He wrote this on his social media page:

"Lol that family don't got a man around LMFAOOO not a grandpa not a uncle not a male cousin NOTHING bitter ass men haters. Nova WONT be one !"

Devoin was on a roll because there's more...

Briana Uses Manipulation To Keep Nova Close


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Anyone who has watched Teen Mom from day one knows that Dr. Drew would have a lot to say about this particular text exchange. Never asking a child to choose between their parents is Co-Parenting 101! While he may be bad at communicating, Briana clearly goes out of her way to make Devoin's life difficult.

So, it's no surprise that he said this:


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Briana only claims to want Devoin in Nova's life when the cameras are around because it gives her something to talk about. Otherwise, her storyline is pretty dull. Based on these screenshots, it's pretty clear that Briana doesn't want Devoin or any other man helping her raise these kids. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to control everything.

Believe it or not, there's still more...

Devoin Claims Nova Feels She HAS To Film


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Having the cameras around all the time is probably fun at first, but as these kids start to get older, the concept of having your life filmed for the world to see is a lot less appealing. Especially for little girls who start to feel pressures from society to look a certain way from a very young age, it wouldn't be surprising if Nova wasn't thrilled to be filming all the time. She may only be in third grade, but most of her classmates probably watch the show and that can't be easy.

If she's not hearing it from the DeJesus family, then it's a good thing that Nova is being told by Devoin that she doesn't have to be filmed if she's uncomfortable. It's clear, however, from these exchanges that Devoin really isn't the horrible father Briana has made him out to be.

Devoin's Incompetence Is Just Another Storyline


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Briana's favorite expression this season is "bare minimum," which she uses to describe Devoin's efforts as a father over and over (and over). While throwing her baby daddies under the bus is nothing new, it's clear that Devoin is fed up with being the main subject in her storyline. Especially since none of what she complains about seems to be true.

Not only is Briana interfering with Devoin getting some screen time so he can finally get the money he deserves, but she's also preventing him from repairing his reputation. The public has perceived him as lazy, immature, and as an absentee father for years because of what she has said while filming. Doesn't Devoin deserve the chance to show fans who he really is? To show them what his relationship with Nova is really like?

What do you guys think of Devoin and Briana's co-parenting?

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