Baby wipes are good for more than just diaper changes

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Surprising uses for those hand little wipes.
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Did you know that baby wipes are not just for wiping tiny butts? They have a myriad of uses for adults too.

If you haven’t been around babies, baby wipes are pre-moistened disposable cloths that come in plastic boxes. You can’t find them in the “baby” aisle of any drugstore or box store like Walmart and Target.

While they are intended for cleaning up infants during diaper changes, these convenient clothes are also your secret weapon for household chores and personal hygiene. You can take them anywhere – home, your car, camping trips, wherever you need to do a little clean-up.

And at about $3 a package in most places, they’re also affordable. Pick up some unscented clothes are try these five great ways to use baby wipes in your day-to-day life:

Quick bathroom cleaner

Baby wipes make daily freshening of your bathroom a snap. They are a great tool to keep things tidy between cleanings. Keep a package on the back of the toilet or under the sink where they are handy. Once a day, use the baby wipe to clean any gunk that’s gathered in the sink or along the counters. Use another sheet to wipe down the toilet seat and lid. Baby wipes also make quick clean-up of faucets and fixtures, light switch covers, toilet handles, and shower rods.


Grease can be one of the hardest things to clean, but baby wipes are a great way to easily remove grease streaks. The moistened wipes grab grease and hold on tight. Use a wipe to clean your bike or exercise equipment, clean your hands after checking your oil, or pick up leaks after greasing your hinges or other things around the house.

Removing Stains

Baby wipes also work well on removing grease, oil, ink, and other stains from fabric, such as clothing, drapes, and upholstery. Try baby wipes as a portable stain remover (just test on an inconspicuous part of the fabric first, to be safe) by gently blotting and rubbing the stained area with the wipe. They are also good for deodorant residue on your clothes.

Personal care

Baby wipes can be used to freshen up when you don’t have time or access to a shower. You can use a baby wipe to clean up your sweaty areas after a workout, catch nail polish drips, remove eye make-up, and clean up after you dye your hair. Bring baby wipes on camping trips and road trips for a between-shower clean-up: baby wipes are gentle enough for most people to use anywhere on their body. You can also use them at the beach to make removing sand from your skin a snap.


Use baby wipes to dust shelves, knick-knacks, the top of your ceiling fan blades, cabinets, or the leaves of your house plants. They have the right amount of tackiness to pick up what you need without leaving residue behind. Baby wipes work better than those Swiffer dusters and are cheaper too. Pro-tip: baby wipes fit great into Swiffer dusters and mops and can be a more affordable replacement cloth.

Removing fingerprints and smudges

You can use baby wipes to clean fingerprints and dirty smudges from light fixtures, appliances, walls, doors, toys, remote controls, cabinets, and any place grubby fingers touch. If your toddler has gotten a little artistic, use baby wipes to clean crayon and other marks off of painted surfaces. Baby wipes are a great non-toxic way to clean almost any surface in your house.

Clean up pets

Use baby wipes to clean up mud and snow from your dog’s paws. Does Fido like to stick his nose into things? Clean him up fast with a baby wipe. You can also use them to help clean coats and remove extra hair if your dog or cat is prone to shedding.

What are your favorite uses for baby wipes?

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