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Haunted Frozen doll that the family couldn't "Let it go."

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A Real Life Haunted doll that came back twice after throwing it away.Photo byRooted Expeditions

It's possible that when you think about haunted dolls, the first thing that comes to mind is a terrifying old porcelain doll that seems like it was made in the Victorian era. None of these things are likely to be lying around your house. Still, you shouldn't feel too comfortable around any children's toys too soon. A Disney's Frozen Elsa doll that was given as a present in the Houston, Texas area on Christmas 2013 made news earlier this year when it seemed to become haunted. According to KPRC2 Houston News.

When a button on the doll's necklace was pushed, it sang the song "Let It Go" and spoke lines from the movie Frozen.

"For two years, it did that in English," claimed Emily Madonia, the mother. "Beginning in the year 2015, it began doing it in a manner that alternated between Spanish and English. There was no button that could make these changes; it was all done at random."

Not a joke: The mom stressed that the doll was tied up in a garbage bag and put in their trash can outside both times but still came back.Photo byDaily Mail

Even though the doll has been in the family's possession for almost six years, the batteries in it have never been replaced. Even with the switch turned off, according to the mother, the doll would start singing and talking at random intervals.

In the month of December 2019, the family made the decision to get rid of the frightening doll. After many weeks had passed, they eventually discovered it concealed behind a seat in their living room. According to statements made by Madonia to KPRC2 Houston News, "The kids insisted that they hadn't put it there, and I believed them because they wouldn't have dug through the garbage outside." which was something they never did.

After then, Elsa the doll would only respond to questions in Spanish and would no longer sing the version of "Let It Go" that was performed in English. After that, the family double-bagged the strange doll and put it in the bottom of their trash, which was then taken out on the day that they collected their trash.

Soon after that, they went on a vacation, but when they got back from their adventure, Elsa had already returned and was waiting for them in the backyard of their house. As you can see in their video.

This time, the family decided to send Elsa to a friend of the family who lives in Minnesota. The friend took the doll and attached it to the front bumper of his vehicle. According to Madonia's most recent update on the eerie doll that she posted on Facebook in February, it does not seem to have returned to Houston at this time.

Doll made it to Minnesota, and is now taped to the brush guard of the friends Jeep.Photo by2 News

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