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Ivy Olsen explains her story she had with an Angel. If you would like to see or learn more you can watch the video on my Youtube Channel.Photo byRooted Expeditions

Ivy Olsen, a mother of two, was going through one of the hardest times in her life when she received a supernatural thanksgiving gift that changed her life forever.

In 1969, newly divorced Ivy Olsen moved into a one-bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor with her two sons.

Ivy Olsen.Photo byFind A Grave

Even though she worked at a doctor's office, Ivy struggled financially.

Then it worsened. Ivy laid in bed and worried about what she was going to do for her children on Thanksgiving.

She had no Thanksgiving meal plans, not even with family. The fridge had little feed left for her.

Ivy said, "You know what, I'm not going to let this day be ruined."

She Smiled, got the kids ready, grab what was left in the fridge, which wasn't much, so they could have a small picnic at a local park, hoping her boys would have a fun day even without a Thanksgiving dinner.

"We're so hungry," Ivy's boys said after they left the park. She felt so helpless knowing she could do nothing. No food, no money. Just this feeling of Helplessness and loneliness, wondering how she will survive this day.

Ivy and her boys returned to the apartment complex and headed up the stairs to their 2nd-floor apartment.

Then something unexpected happened.

As they were headed up the stairs, a sweet old lady called "oh honey" to Ivy from one of the bottom floor apartments.

Ivy thinks to herself, I've never seen her before. The sweet Lady invited Ivy and her children over for dinner. Ivy said, "oh no, we don't want impose," But the old lady kept insisting they come over,

Ivy said this must be an answered prayer. They headed back downstairs to the old lady's apartment.

When they got inside the lady's apartment, Ivy immediately felt at home. The kitchen table was full of food, it was dimly lit, and the lady was so sweet. It comforted Ivy and the kids.

Ivy would state in an interview (God TV) that this sweet old lady created this evening for them. Ivy said she felt special and would never forget what happened that night.

After an hour and a half, they left for the night.

Ivy and her sons left with food from their neighbor, a sweet old lady.

Ivy considered this Thanksgiving a miracle. But the story doesn’t stop here. This story's supernatural ending will leave you with more questions.

The next day, Ivy took all the food out of the containers her neighbor gave her, stored her food, washed the containers, and went out the door and down the stairs to return them. She wanted to thank this sweet lady for what she did for her and her sons the night before.

She knocked on the sweet old lady's first-floor door, but no one answered. She looked through the window of the apartment and found an empty apartment with no furniture, unlike the night before when the house was fully decorated.

Ivy went to the apartment manager's apartment and asked, "Hey, what can I do for you?" Ivy asks, "Where's apartment 15's little old lady?"

"Mam apartment 15 has been vacant for 10-12 weeks," says the manager.

Ivy said with a confused look, "Hey you don't understand, I just had dinner there last night, Thanksgiving dinner." The apartment manager looked at her with a puzzled look, like ok lady that can't be possible. He said, "Ivy, you okay?"

That's when Ivy sat back and realized a miracle happened after looking at the manager. She calmly turned around and returned to her apartment.

As she returned home, Ivy realized the woman had known personal things about her, like her favorite food and the fact that she asked how things were going at the doctor's office, to which Ivy replied, "How did you know I worked at a doctors office?" "I know," she said.

Ivy realized that an angel fed her and loved her for an hour and a half, which changed her life.

Ivy promised to help other single mothers after her angelic dinner, and she has.

She runs the nonprofit Angel Network on Oahu, helping needy families. Ivy's drastic change is a way to repay her blessings.

That does it for today's supernatural story. If you want to learn or see more you can watch the full video on Rooted Expeditions.

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