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God told Francis, not to get on this plane or he would die, what happened next was unexpected. The full video is available on youtube.Photo byRooted Expeditions

God told this man not to get on this plane or he would die. What came next was truly powerful and unexpected.

In May of 2015, Francis Myles, who was in the Republic of Zambia, was invited to Zimbabwe to do a conference for his friend, who was a missionary and had a church there locally.
Dr. Francis Myles wants you to learn and share how his supernatural encounter changed his life and can change yours too.Photo bySid Roth

Francis agreed to fly down and help his friend with this conference.

The day came when he was to leave for Zimbabwe. A friend of his came and gave him a ride to the airport, which was a 45-minute ride.

But that forty-five minute ride would completely change his life forever.

When his friend came to his house to pick up Francis, he loaded his bags in the car, got in, and they began to drive to the airport.

About halfway to the airport, Francis knew something was off and not right. In fact, something was really wrong; he was beginning to become deathly sick with no reasonable explanation.

Francis would state that the worst part about this experience was that his body felt like it was being buried in sand; in other words, it was like he was being buried alive. It was like he could feel the sensation of dirt from his feet all the way up to his waist.

It felt so real that he was actually rubbing his legs as if he were trying to wipe away dirt.

At this point, Francis knew that this wasn’t good and that this could very well be a demonic attack. He looked to his friend who was driving and said, "Hey, I'm under a serious demonic attack," and "I feel like I'm going to pass out; I feel like I'm slowly being buried alive."

Francis, looking at his friend, said, "Man of God, I know you're a man of prayer." "Please pray with me." His friend immediately agreed, and for 20 minutes they were praying and battling this spiritual warfare that Francis was undergoing, and they did this all the way to the airport.

By the time they arrived at the airport, Francis was so weak and in even worse condition. His friend asked him, "Do you really want to get on the plane?"

Francis was like, "I've got to go." He was thinking that maybe these are territorial spirits that operate in this nation, and if he could just get into Zimbabwe airspace and get out of this area, this demonic attack would stop.

He gets out of the car, but before heading to get on the plane, he turned to his friend and told him not to go anywhere until he was able to let him know that he was able to get on the plane.

When he got through immigration, he went to security. They could obviously see he was walking very slowly. He would explain that he was walking like a 90-year-old man, just shuffling his feet and breathing heavily and sweating. just to paint a picture. It didn’t look good.

Security, seeing he was struggling, started to escort and help him to the airplane, where they were waiting for him because he was the last passenger to get on the plane, and they were waiting for him to get to the gate and get on the plane.

As they were walking to the gate, the security man said, "Are you sure you want to get on this plane?" "You don’t look too good."

"No, I have to get out of the Republic of Zambia!" Francis exclaimed.

They finally got to the gate, and Francis could now see the airplane on the tarmac, and they were waving for him to come on because they were running late and they needed to close the plane doors and go.

As he was looking and shuffling his way to the plane, he heard the audio voice of God for the very first time, and He said, "Francis, if you get on this plane, you will die." And in a split second, he had a vision of himself dead on the plane.

He could feel the Holy Spirit telling him, "Don’t get on this plane; there is a demonic attack on your body, and you must break it in this nation before you can leave."

Immediately as this was all happening, he told the security man to tell them to get his bags off the plane, that he was not going to get on that plane, and to also call for an ambulance.

This was the first time something like this had happened to Francis; he had never been to the hospital before; in fact, he had never been sick at all.

By the time the paramedics arrived, he couldn’t even stand, so they put him on the gurney and took him to the clinic that was there at the airport.

The nurse that was watching him was scared for him because his blood sugar numbers were already in the coma stage. He was so badly off that they were shocked that he was even responsive, and they rushed to get his blood levels down.

As this was going on, Francis was lying there, and he could feel the Holy Spirit say, "Let the nurse do her job; focus on what I'm trying to tell you." You are in the deepest war of your life. But I'm going to get you through it."

They rushed him to a bigger hospital because the clinic that he was at was not able to handle him there.

He explains on the show Sid Roth Supernatural that on that night, while he was in the hospital, one of his brothers, Steven, who was a worship leader at their church, came to spend the night with him to keep watch of him because he was so weak. He couldn’t even get out of bed to use the restroom without someone's help holding him. That’s how weak he was.

Then something incredible and supernatural occurred.

A friend of Francis' that lived in California called him around midnight and told him that "he had a vision." He told him that he was being attacked by witchcraft.

His friend went as far as describing this witch who released this curse on him, even describing how she was dressed. After doing this, Francis knew exactly what he was talking about. He remembered seeing her at his mother's funeral.

By the way, that’s the main reason why he was even in the Republic of Zambia to begin with—for his mother's funeral.

So this friend of his was able to see what exactly was going on with him and describe the witch who cursed him all the way down to what she did and what she looked like.

They immediately started to pray, breaking the spell that was over his life.

After he got off the phone with his friend, Francis and his brother Steven began to praise the Lord with thanksgiving and singing.

Then, as they were doing that, Francis heard the audible voice of God for the second time. He said, "Francis, I want you to get up, go outside into the hospital here, and I want to show you something." I want to bring you full deliverance.

Amazed and feeling this urgency, Francis told his brother, "Let's go outside." His brother wasn’t sure what he was trying to do, but the Holy Spirit was leading Francis to go to the hospital yard outside.

So Francis' brother put his arms around him to help hold him up so that they could walk outside.

He felt the Holy Spirit leading him to go to the flower bed; he was thinking to himself, "Why go to the flower bed?" but he went without hesitation. So with his brother's help, he walked him to the flower bed because he could barely walk.

Once they reached the flower bed in the hospital yard, he heard the Lord say to him. "Pick up the dirt, and I want you to prophesy to the dirt of the Republic of Zambia; tell it to let you go." The Lord spoke and said, "The witches that are trying to kill you, they used their dominion over the dirt to try to kill you." But son, do you know that you have a higher dominion over the land and over the soil than they do because you are the redeemed of the Lord? prophecy to the soil

and you are going to be free."

So Francis took the dirt, and he began to prophesy.

And he spoke to the soil. He said, "Hear the word of the Lord; I'm a man of God."

I was born in America, and God has a plan for my life.This is not my time to die. "I command you to release me, and I break the spell that was cast against me."

And in that instant, the power of God surged through his body, from his head all the way to his toes. He felt an energy that he had never felt before. He felt the sensation of being buried alive; he felt the dirt fall to the ground, and instantly he knew he was delivered. He wasn’t sick anymore, he wasn’t weak, and he had more energy than he knew what to do with. He even stated that he could run a mile.

This was such a supernatural event in Francis' life that it has without a doubt strengthened his faith and his walk with God, and above all, it has changed his outlook on life forever. If you would like, to see or learn more you can watch the full video on Rooted Expeditions.

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