Woman picks up Hitchhiker who turned out to be an angel, what he said was shocking.

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Woman picks up hitchhiker you turned out to be an angel. If you want you can watch the full story in video format on my YouTube channel.Photo byRooted Expeditions

Linda Markowitz tells her story about picking up a man on the side of the road who turned out to be an angel.And what this man said and did was pretty shocking, and the events that followed will make you really question why he was even there.

Many years ago, Linda's youngest daughter had been in some trouble with the law, and she had been sent to a juvenile detention center in Albany, New York.

Now Linda was living in Harrison, New York, at the time this happened, and it was about a two-hour drive away. She was only allowed to visit her daughter on the weekends for a very short period of time.

Linda Markowitz who saw the angel.Photo byLinda Markowitz

So she got ready to head out for her visit, but all of a sudden Linda was very quickly overtaken by this huge snowstorm, and a blinding one at that. But this didn’t stop Linda; she was determined and said this was not going to stop her from seeing her daughter.

As she was driving, there were cars on the road that couldn’t make it any further.

But she was determined; if she could move, she was going to keep going. She was pretty much the only car driving on the road.

She saw this figure ahead of her, and the closer she got, the more she realized it was a man walking. She drove past him and, for some reason, just felt compassion for the man.

She thought to herself that she just needed to help this guy. There were no other cars in sight.

So she stopped, pulled off to the side, and waited for him, and he finally approached her car, coming from the back of the car around to the driver's side.

The man said, "What can I do for you, ma'am?"

She thought, "What can he do for me?" I'm not the one out in the freezing cold. She looked at the man and said, "Well, I thought maybe you could use a ride; would you like a ride?"

He said, "Oh, I'd be so grateful for a ride." Would you mind?

Linda said, "Come on, get in." Then they were on their way.

Now keep in mind this was many years ago; you probably wouldn’t pick up a hitchhiker today. It wasn’t as dangerous back then as it is today.

When the man got into the passenger side of her car, he immediately took off his boots and his socks. His feet were blue. You could obviously tell that he was really cold. He didn’t even have a decent jacket on.

Linda described this man as having long matted blond hair and looking a little scrappy.But for some reason, he had something very inviting about him.

As they were talking, the man said he was in the service, that he just finished up an assignment in Hawaii, and that he was in New Jersey and couldn’t get transportation to his next location.

Linda asks the man, "Where's your next location?" Linda was a little shocked by what he said because she thought to herself, "Well, that’s strange; of course you can get transportation from where you were."

He ended up telling her that he had an assignment in Boston and that he had to get there.

So now Linda knew how much further she could take him before she would need to turn to go to Albany, and he would go in a different direction to Boston.

They continued on this very, very slow journey.

They eventually came up to this rest stop, and she thought to herself that she really needed to call the facility where her daughter was to tell them that she was going to be really late and plead with them to wait for her so that she could see her. because she is only able to see her one day a week.

They knew about the snow storm and said yes, they would still give her the visit when she got there.

While she was in the phone booth making the phone call, she finally realized, "Oh, my goodness, she had left the car running because the man was still really cold." She thought she would leave the heat on, and on top of that, she had left her purse in the car. All this had flashed through her mind.

Again, this was many years ago, as you could tell, because she had to use a phone booth to call out. It's not like they had cell phones to make calls like we do today. If you needed to make a call, you either had to wait till you got home or stop somewhere where there was a phone booth.

So as all this flashed through her mind, she realized that everything she had was in that car, and if the man wanted to, he could have taken off, and there was no way she would have been able to stop him.

But she thought to herself, "What can I do?" So she finished her call.

When she was done, she walked back to her car, got in, glanced at her purse to make sure it wasn’t messed with, and it didn’t even look like it had been touched.

They got back on the road and continued their talk. The man told Linda some really fascinating things. He told her that there were things that were going to come into her life that would be interesting and difficult.

She thought, "This man is saying this, and he doesn’t even know me." She didn’t ask him any questions; she just let him talk.

This man was probably in the car with her for about 45 to 50 minutes, until they came to the place in the road where she needed to go one way and the man another. She pulled over on the side of the road.

She told the man, "This is where I need to let you off." The man said, "OK, I understand."

But, before the man got out of the car, he turned to Linda and said, "I will see you again, on a day when you need me the most."

She thought, "Man, this guy is really weird, and I'm glad you're getting out of my car."

He stepped out of the car, and immediately he vanished before her eyes.

Linda thought, "Oh no, the snow was so blinding and it was building up on the side." Maybe she parked too close to the edge, and he fell down the embankment.

She immediately got out of her car and ran around to the passenger side; she was so overwhelmed by what she didn’t see. She didn’t see the man anywhere. And to make things really strange, there was not one footprint. not even where the guy stepped out of the car. She looked everywhere for this man but couldn't find him; she couldn't even see his footprints, only her own.

It would have been very obvious that there would be footprints where this guy got out of the car or if he walked in any direction, but there were no footprints.

She was standing outside in the cold, alone, thinking about what had just happened when a powerful presence of warmth came over her.At that very moment, she knew that she just had an encounter with an angel.

At the time, she didn’t know why or what the purpose of her having this encounter with this angel was. Later on, it would become really clear to Linda why the man was going to Boston. But at that time, she had no clue.

She returned to her car and sat there, trying to process everything that had happened with this man, or should I say angel.She was reflecting on what he had said, especially the last thing he told her before getting out of the car: "He would see her again at a time when she needed him the most."

Linda sought the Lord about this, and over time it became clear to her that God gave her this visitation to show that we entertain angels without knowing. Angels are all around us, and most of the time we can't even see them. But at that very moment, God knew that Linda needed that encounter to help strengthen her faith and to show that God is at work.

Now, to make a long story short, there is a little twist in the tale. Years in the future, Linda's youngest daughter would be brutally murdered by her boyfriend.

Linda, in rage, hurt, and shock over what her daughter's boyfriend did, had another encounter—a powerful encounter with God. Telling her to forgive her daughter's murderer was really hard at first, but in the end, Linda was able to forgive this man who ended her daughter's life.

Ray, who killed Linda's youngest daughter.Photo bySid Roth

So was this encounter with this angel in the snowstorm a way to prepare her faith for what was to happen to her daughter? Or was this something else? Let me know what you think in the comments.

That does it for today's supernatural testimony. If you want, you can watch the full story in video format on my Youtube Channel on Rooted Expeditions. God bless.

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