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Today's story is probably one of the strangest stories I have ever told on this channel.

America has seen its fair share of some pretty harsh and terrifying serial killers In the 1970s, such as, cult leader Charles Manson, The Zodiac killer, John Wayne Gacy, and Ted Bundy to list just a few.

But have you heard about the serial killer Richard Trenton Chase? Who was also given the nickname The Vampire of Sacramento. Richard went on a rampage killing 6 people in a span of a month in 1977 and 1978. Hit that thumbs up and lets dive right into todays video.

To comprehend Richard Chase, we need to look at his life before the murder spree, which should help us understand him later.

Richard grew up with hypochondria. He often said that his heart "stops beating" or that "someone stole his pulmonary artery."
Richard Chase as a teen.Photo byMurder Minute

Richard fled his home, thinking his mother was poisoning him. When he left he would then share an apartment with some friends.

Richard's roommates stated that he was often drunk, high on marijuana and LSD. He also walked around his apartment naked, and not just there but he would do so in public. Richard's roommates tried to evict him, but Richard refused, so his roommates stated, "Ok, well, we are not going to stay here," and left.

Richard, now living alone, began trapping, slaughtering, and disemboweling animals, which he would then eat raw or mix them together with Coca-Cola in a blender. Chase thought eating the animals would protect his heart from shrinking.

Richard briefly entered a psychiatric institution in 1973.

In 1976, after injecting rabbit blood into his veins, 26-year-old Richard was finally involuntarily committed to a mental facility.

Richard had paranoid schizophrenia. His hunger for blood earned him the nickname "Dracula" from the employees. He captured two birds that flew through the window of the facility, broke their necks in and drank their blood. He also used syringes he found to extract blood from the therapy dogs.

After various psychiatric drug treatments, Richard was released to his mother in 1976. Richard's mother got him off his medication and back on his own.

He started to live with roommates again. But, that was short-lived, as his roommates left, leaving Richard alone again.

Richard was caught by police in mid-1977 on a reservation near Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Richard was covered in blood from a cow he mutilated. Police also found a pail of blood in the back of his pickup truck. No charges were made.

On December 29, 1977, Richard felt the need to stop killing animals and killed his first known victim in a drive-by shooting. Engineer Ambrose Griffin, 51, was killed.
Ambrose Griffin was Richard's first victim.Photo byVocal Media

Two weeks later, he tried to enter a woman's locked home.Later, Richard told detectives that unlocked doors meant he was welcomed, and and locked doors meant he wasn't. He was caught and chased away by a couple who had stolen their goods and urinated and defecated on their infant child's bed and clothing.

On January 23, 1978, Richard shot Teresa Wallin three times after breaking into her home. Teresa was three months pregnant.

He then proceeded to assault her while using a butcher's knife to stab her several times. He took various organs and drank her blood. Other horrific things he did are not mentioned. "Vampire Killer" came from here. Four days later, on the 27th, he broke into 38-year-old Evelyn Miroth's home. He shot Danny Meredith with the .22 revolver he had pulled on Richard as soon as he entered the house.

He killed Evelyn, her six-year-old son Jason, and her 22-month-old nephew David Ferreira with the 22.

After everyone was deceased in the house, Richard ate Evelyn's corpse and drank her blood. Richard heard a knock at the door, which surprised him while he was performing this. Richard panicked, grabbed Danny's car keys, and fled the house with 22-month-old David's corpse.

The person knocking on the door watching all this unfold and Richard running away, ran to the neighbors and they called the police.
4 of Chase’s victims, from left to right: Terry Wallin (22), Evelyn Miroth (36), Jason Miroth (6), Michael Ferreira (22 months).Photo byTalk Murder With Me

Richard's entire handprints and shoe imprints where found in Evelyn's blood in her house, which made him easy to link to the crime. Richard was apprehended quickly by the police. Police found blood on Richard's walls, floor, ceiling, refrigerator, and his eating utensils.

In 1979, Richard was arrested for six murders.
The mugshot of serial killer Richard Chase, known as the “Vampire of Sacramento” and the “Vampire Killer.”Photo byAll Thats Interesting

The defense sought a second-degree murder conviction for life to avoid the death penalty. Their case was built on Richard's mental instability and their claim that his acts were unpremeditated. On May 8, 1979, a jury found Richard guilty of six counts of first-degree murder and condemned him to death in the gas chamber, rejecting his insanity defense.

According to prison officials, Richard's other inmates were scared of him and persuade him to commit suicide due to his violent and brutal crimes.

On December 26, 1980, Richard was found dead in prison cell. His autopsy showed he overdosed on prescription drugs. If you want to see or learn more you can watch the full video on my channel at Rooted Expeditions.

I want to say thank you to all that have supported me here and on my YouTube channel. It means a lot to my family and I.

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