Whistleblower found dead after revealing top secret information

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Phil Schneider, found dead after giving Top Secret information. You can click link to see the full story on my Youtube channel.Photo byRooted Expeditions

Phil Schneider was a US government geologist, engineer and probably one of the most controversial figures in the world of ufology and extraterrestrial subjects. Phil decided to shed light and knowledge on top secret information he had, along with some of the most controversial topics in history. He claimed that him coming forward with this information would get him killed... and this case would seem like this very thing happened, or did it?

His work as a structural engineer on government black projects and the construction of deep underground facilities in the United States, combined with top-secret information he was to discover after the death of his father in 1993, who was named Captain Otto Oscar Schneider.

However, after the death of his father in 1993 and the murder of his good friend Ron Rummell, Phil felt compelled to finally go public and disregard his oath of secrecy in hopes that exposing the truth would simply encourage the nation to wake up to the deception from the government and empower themselves with this knowledge he had.

Phil would go on a 2 year long tour speaking in front as many people as he could, to share this information and proof that he claimed he have against the government. Along with telling people he came face to face with an alien underground and almost died, showing his battle scars to prove his story.

This is said to be the type of alien Phil Schneider came face to face with underground in New Mexico.Photo byExpress

In September 1995, Phil gave a presentation at the Preparedness Expo, exposing the New World Order Agenda and how it connects with extraterrestrials. He presented what he claimed to be physical evidence of alien metals and artifacts, as well as additional photographs, during this speech to back up his claims.

After giving this presentation only 4 months later, a friend of Phil's had not heard from him for days, he went by several times to check on him but no one answered the door. He called the police and the apartment manager and was able to gain access to his apartment, and that's when they say Phil dead in his apartment.

Stated by JP Robinson, an obituary published in "The Oregonian" on January 29, 1996, Philip Schneider (April 23, 1947—January 17, 1996) died of a stroke on January 17. His death certificate states that he "strangled himself with surgical tubing," implying that he committed suicide by wrapping a rubber catheter hose three times around his neck and tying it in a half-knot at the front before collapsing head first into his wheelchair. Those who knew Phil have no doubt that he was murdered.

What's really strange is that it was said that Phil kept telling family and friends, “If I ever commit suicide, I was murdered!" So this makes this one of those cases that brings up a lot of questions. If you want to see and hear more, you can watch the full story on my channel at Rooted Expeditions.

Phil Schneider and his family.Photo byMojvideo

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