Woman found living in the hotel walls, robbing people while they were away.

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Victoria was shocked to see that a woman was living in the walls of hotel. You can click link to see the full story on my Youtube Channel.Photo byRooted Expeditions

Victoria Rothe and a coworker were staying at a hotel while on a work trip. Then something terrible happened.

After a long day of work, Victoria and her coworker Rebecca, went back to the hotel. When Victoria opened her door, she saw a woman standing in the bathroom. Victoria thought it was housekeeping at first, but when she saw the woman holding her clothes, she knew something was wrong.

The woman with a bag tried to push past her. Victoria took the bag and looked through it to see if the woman took anything of hers. When she didn't find anything, she let the woman go.

She didn't realize until later that the woman had gone through her hotel room and taken some of her medicine, but no electronics or money.

Victoria called the police, who found some drywall in the bathroom sink and no signs of a break-in, as re-stated by iHeart.

After a while, the police left without knowing how the woman got inside the hotel room. Victoria puzzled and on the phone telling people what just happened, she went to the bathroom, and that's when she got the idea to remove the mirror hanging over the sink.

She was shocked to find a huge hole behind the mirror, and inside this hollow space there was a pillow, blankets, clothes, and other things. In the end, it turned out that the woman could also get into other rooms through holes left in the walls of the hotel after renovations. Mirrors were used to cover the holes in the hotel. (If you would like to hear more you can watch the full video on Rooted Expeditions)

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