TikTok user films what he claims to be a giant and then passes away 3 months later.

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Andrew films a giant and claims CIA agents were following him. He passes away 3 months later. You can watch the full video by clicking link.Photo byRooted Expeditions

This is the strange and tragic story of Andrew Dawson, a TikTok user going by the name of "Andykapt." Andrew filmed what he claimed to be a giant in Canada's Jasper National Park.

What's seems to be strange is the events leading up to his last video and his untimely and sudden death. Was all of this true, or was it a CIA or black-shadow government cover-up? Or was this one giant and well-explicit hoax?

Make sure to read all the way through and let me know what you think.

On April 9th, 2022, 34-year-old Andrew Dawson and his friend were driving when Andrew saw something on top of the mountain. He claimed to have captured footage of a giant in Canada's Jasper National Park.

You can clearly hear Andrew telling his friend to pull over so he could get a better shot of whatever this thing was on the mountain. Looking at this thing on top of the mountain, you can tell that whatever it was was huge, and you can base this on the fact of how far away he was filming.

A still taken from Andrew's TikTok of what he claims to be a giant.Photo byAndrew Dawson

He goes back a second day to see if he can get more footage, but whatever he saw the day before was no longer there.

Andrew states that he spoke to the locals, and they told him that this thing "comes and goes." So this make you wonder, what exactly were these locals talking about.

This is where things seem to take a different turn for Andrew; he was stopped by what he says were "CIA agents." He wasn't able to get the first encounter with these "agents" on film, but reassured that if it happened again he would have his camera ready.

He was able to also capture what he calls an "extraction," where you can see two helicopters and one carrying something quite big, and they were hovering around the same area where he saw this so called giant.

After this, Andrew seems to have had two more encounters with what he has been calling "CIA agents."

When you watch the short clip, you can see that he was driving up the dirt road, trying to get closer to the location where he spotted this giant, but was stopped by an agent and forced to turn around. This upsetted Andrew as it wasnt really explained why he couldn't drive on through. Also The confessional Podcast re-stated the incident.

Still shot from Andrew's video on what he calls being stopped by CIA.Photo byAndrew Dawson

Then you can see that there was a car sitting outside his house, and when he went to approach the car sitting outside his house, this car sped off. He also made a comment that it looked like the same car that stopped him before.

Still shot from Andrew's video on what he called being "stalked."Photo byAndrew Dawson

Still shot taken from Andrew Dawson's video of him being "stalked."Photo by

After these last two videos he posted on his channel, Andrew doesn’t post again for the entire month.

Now, I'd like to add that, for the record, Andrew never posted videos like this or anything remotely similar in the past year when he first started; If you look at his channel you can see, he posted your typical videos and nothing to give the impression that he was genuinely trying to get famous.

So after not posting for a month, this led a lot of people to ask questions. But if he was faking these videos to get attention or to get views, why did he suddenly stop posting videos for that long? (It would make more sense to keep posting to get getting the views.)

But he comes back after a month with this video that makes one think that he is actually being forced to say that the videos he was making were fake, but at the same time he is looking off to the side as if he is looking at someone to make sure he is saying what they want him to say. This was very strange and brings even more questions to the table. Here, let's take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Again, this is very strange, as he has his hands in his pockets as if he is nervous or not really wanting to say what he is saying, and along with that, he keeps looking to the side.

That should be the end of Andrew's troubles. The videos stop, and that’s it. But unfortunately, this was not over for Andrew.

Now this is where things take a giant twist in Andrew's series of videos.

His next video, which was 10 days after his original post and was titled "I'm Scared," is where Andrew comes back on film and, in a panicked type of state, says that the videos were not fake.

The very next day, after claiming that those videos were not fake, he shows another video of the mountain area where he saw the giant, and you can see some type of structure that Andrew claims to be military on top of the mountain. But let me know what you think.

Still photo taken from Andrew's last video called "Military."Photo byAndrew Dawson

That was Andrew's last video that he ever made.

Unfortunately, a month and a half later, on July 1, 2022, a local newspaper, the Campbell River Mirror, showed that Andrew Ryan Watchorn Dawson had sadly passed away. The reasons for his passing have not been disclosed.

Andrew Ryan Watchorn Dawson, obituary. (November 4, 1987 - July 1, 2022)Photo byCampbell River Mirror

A number of events occurred in such a short period of time that raise numerous questions. I believe there were giants who walked the earth in the past, as scripture and other scrolls attest. I also believe in the supernatural. So the real question is: was there really a giant out there, or was it something else? Or was all this just a really good hoax?

Could this be connected to David Paulides and the 411 missing cases? Even though Andrew Dawson didn’t go missing, the 411 missing cases deal with a lot of cases that involve the National Park Service. Could this thing on top of the mountain have had something to do with these cases?

If you have any ideas as to what you think might have actually happened, let me know. You can watch the full video on my Channel.

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