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Official reports claim boy, nine, walked backwards up hospital wall

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Police and medical staff document America's real-life possession: Official reports claim boy, nine, walked backwards up hospital wall.Photo byDaily Mail

This story may sound like something out of a movie, but it is 100% true.

This home was considered one of the scariest houses in the United States.
Demon House, of Gary Indiana.Photo byFox 59

In 2011, a young woman, her mother, and her three children moved into this small house. After the family moved in, they said black flies swarmed the porch in December. which was not normal for that time of the year.

According to Daily Mail The mother heard footsteps and creaking doors inside her home. She later reported seeing a "shadowy man pacing in the living room," and finding a "boot print." The mother even claimed she was choked by something unseen.
Rosa Campbell and Latoya Ammons tell the story about the Demon House CC Chris Bergin via The Daily Mail.Photo byRipleys

One day, the young woman's daughter levitated above her bed during a sleepover. The family prayed until she returned to bed. The daughter didn’t recall the incident. Then an unknown force threw her older son across the room. Then the younger son allegedly had his eyes roll back in his head and growled at the family and said, "I will kill you." Daily mail goes more in depth on this subject here.

After 6 months, the family sought medical attention.

Police and Child Protective Services got involved, and they thought it was an act—that is, until they saw the young boy start to walk backwards up the wall.

They would all witness and report that the house had, without a doubt, paranormal activity. A detailed police report and eyewitnesses would without a doubt prove that something very evil and supernatural was happening in that home.

This home would be known as the Demon House of Gary, Indiana. ABC 7 Chicago goes more in depth behind the story of this haunted home.

Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures buys the home, films and then demolishes home.
Zak Bagans [Travel Channel] bought the house, filmed a documentary before demolishing the home.Photo byInvestigation Discovery

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