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Teacher arrested after telling her students to cut themselves to rid their bodies of demons.

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Danielle Harkins told students to ‘cut themselves to rid their bodies of demons.Photo byDaily Unsolved Mysteries

In 2012, a 35-year-old school teacher, Danielle Harkins, near St. Petersburg, Florida, began acting strangely after she took interest in demonic rituals.

Soon after, she was arrested for abusing seven of her students.

Danielle told the school's teens that they needed to rid themselves of these demons before Saturday night. The police stated that she told the teens to cut their skin to release evil spirits and, after that, to burn their cut marks so the demons wouldn't return.

As the teacher held the lighter to one of the teen's cut marks on his hand, the wind blew out the lighter, not allowing her to burn the cuts. She would then use her perfume and set it on fire, causing second-degree burns to the boy.

Another teen had his neck cut open with a broken glass bottle, and the teacher cauterized the wound with a key she heated up.

One of the teens, terrified by what they saw, called the police, and police arrested the teacher. The other students didn’t tell their parents about what happened, nor would they talk and give their statement.

A friend of one of the ritualists called the police. After Danielle's arrest for aggravated battery and child abuse, none of the students told their parents or commented on why they did what they did.

The investigators were shocked and wanted to know what the motive was for committing this act.

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