Man claimed to protect family by shooting monster 4 times.

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Henry McDaniel, stated that he shot monster 4 times before it ran away. Full story in link.Photo byRooted Expeditions

One night in 1973, in a small town in southern Illinois, just as these kids were about to go to bed, they were playing inside the living room of their home. That’s until they thought they heard something coming from outside.

As curious kids, they got up and ran to the window to see what it could be. They scanned the property with their eyes, and all of a sudden they were terrified by what they could see. It could only be described as a monster; it had these bright, glowing eyes and large teeth and was moving around on these three legs.

They ran and told their father Henry McDaniel what they saw; when he went outside to see what it was, he grabbed the flashlight but found nothing. Frustrated, their dad told the kids to go to bed.

Later that night, while the dad was lying down, he could hear scratching coming from outside, as if something or someone was trying to get inside their house.
Henry looks down on the spot on the doorstep where he first spotted the creature.Photo byAstonishing Legends

Without thinking, he quickly got up, grabbed his flashlight and gun, and went outside. He scanned the property with his flashlight, and as soon as he did, there it was—this monster, and it looked just like what the kids had described earlier.
Henry McDaniel looks at the torn screen door of his home following his encounter with the Enfield monster.Photo byAll Thats Interesting

Without thinking, he shot at this creature four times, and this monster let out a scream and ran off into the woods.
Newspaper article claiming what happened at the McDaniel residents.Photo byNewspapers

The police would investigate and pass it off as a family trying to get attention, even though there was evidence and witnesses. The monster would soon visit other people in the town.
tracks in the dirt made by the creature that Henry claimed he shot.Photo byEffingham Daily News

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