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Would you stay the night in the Hill House Manor of Texas?

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The Hill House Manor located in Gainesville, Texas.Gateway Ghost Tours

Built in the mid-1850s, this home sits in Gainesville, Texas and is surrounded by trees and what seems to be a quiet neighborhood. This home has a vague history and a very unique floor plan. It gained popularity in 2004, when the new owner, Linda Hill purchased the property. No records could be found on who built the home. This home became known as the Hill House Manor.
Linda Hill, owner of the Hill House Manor.Voyage Dallas

Over the years, this manor has served a number of purposes, including a private residence, a brothel, a speakeasy and temporarily, even a set of small apartments. This manor was made famous by the legend of a gruesome murder that took place in one of the downstairs bedrooms - now called the "murder room."
Inside the small room that's known as the "murder room."Rooted Expeditions

The story goes that back to the time frame when the house was used as a brothel. Two men got into a fight over a prostitute ending with one murdering the other and leaving the room in a bloody massacre. Staining the floors and walls with the hatred and jealousy of one man.

This violent act is what many think has given this part of the manor a haunted hostile vibe. Maybe it was just me, but to be honest, I could feel something was not right by being around this room.

Walking through this house makes you wonder who all passed through, who all stayed here? Did anyone famous come here? If the walls could talk, what would you think they would say?
This staircase that leads up to the 2nd floor, is one of the first things you see as you walk into this home.Haunted Rooms

The manor has its own water well inside of one of the rooms, making it an unusual, but unique thing to experience in a home. The manor has a total of 13 rooms and 3 kitchens. This place has that old house smell that seems to be prevalent in old homes like this one. You leave thinking that a lot has happened here, but leaving you with many unanswered questions that are probably lost forever.
A look down the well inside the home. Its encased in glass and metal frame.Rooted Expeditions

While renting the home out as a series of small apartments, supernatural occurrences started to develop. This caused tenants to break their leases.

Curious as to the cause of these supernatural occurrences, Linda opened the house up to investigations from paranormal researchers and other investigations to get an idea of what was going on in this place.
A inside look at the formal dining room.Haunted Rooms

Between these experiences and the results of the paranormal investigations, there have been many who have said that there are many spirits passing through the walls of this manor.

Would you stay the night, alone at the Hill House Manor?

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