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Man claims to have shot this monster breaking into his home.

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Henry McDaniel, claimed to have shot and wounded monster breaking into his home in 1973.Rooted Expeditons

Today's story might sound fake, but is 100% true. While horror movies can surely keep us on our toes or even terrify us. It’s the true scary stories from history that really digs down deep within us and just seem to stay there. Whether it's true crime, paranormal or just something so strange and unexplainable.

There is just something about true stories that fictional ones cannot resonate with. There are a few stories about residents in this small town in southern Illinois, who were being stalked and terrorize by this unknown dog like human creature... and one of those stories is about a father who was trying to protect his family one night from this unknown creature that was trying to get inside their home.

He even claimed that he shot and wounded this creature. This is the case of the Enfield Monster. Hi I'm Zach and welcome to Rooted Expeditions, If you are a fan of the abandoned, historical and strange locations. Then you're in the right place. Hit that thumbs up and let's dive into the story of what happened on that dreadful night.

Now, to help better understand the story we need to understand the history behind this location.

The southern portion of Illinois, is known by some as the ‘Devil’s Kitchen.’ This strange name came from Native Americans, in an attempt to describe to early settlers the strange sights and sounds that occurred throughout the area. Back then many people learned to avoid these strange and mysterious parts of Illinois.

It's said by many that anything is possible in Devil’s Kitchen. From paranormal sightings to mysterious animals and weird and scary sightings of monsters. There have been many stories that have come out of this area of the state and this is one of those stories.

Map of Enfield, Illinois, and the distance from the “Devil's Kitchen.”Astonishing Legends

The story goes, that one chilly evening on April 25th, 1973, in the small town of Enfield, which is located in the southern part of Illinois. The sun was just starting to go down, illuminating this property where the McDaniel family lived, which gave just enough light to make out the surroundings.

There were these two young children who were inside their home when they heard a noise outside. They peaked through the window and scanned their eyes across the yard. Which the family set on a good portion of land. And as they were scanning the yard to see if they could see anything, they spotted this weird and strange looking animal lurking around.

The animal I guess saw the two children looking out the window and as soon as it spotted them, the animal would make its way to the house... and tried to get into the house. The children ran and locked all the doors and windows to the house.

The children ran to their father who was named Henry, and the children told him that there was this strange and scary animal outside trying to get inside their home.

They described this animal as a dog looking thing, but it kind of looked like a human, but it wasn’t. It had these glowing eyes with 3 legs, small arms, was grey, and it even stood up right.

But the father looked at the children and tried to make sense of it. But to Henry, this sounded crazy. So he just chalked it up as nothing serious and thought that this was just probably their active childhood imagination kicking in. He would open the front door and look outside, and by this time it was already getting really dark out and it was just too hard to see anything.

So Henry, not seeing anything outside to be concerned about, closed the front door. He would tell the children that there was nothing to worry about, it was getting late and they needed to go to bed, and from there Henry and his wife ended up retiring for that evening.

But, that quickly would change. Later that night when Henry was in bed sleeping, he was awoken by these strange scratching sounds, coming from outside. As if something or someone was scratching on the side of the house.

He didn’t waste any time. He grabbed his gun and a flashlight and headed to the front door. When he got to the door he opened it up and looked outside, scanning the yard with his flashlight and as he was scanning with his flashlight, he saw something between two rose bushes by the side of his house. There it was, almost like a human body just standing there and it looked just like what the children described earlier.

Henry raised his gun and fired four shots at this creature, and out of those four shots, this thing just hissed like some wild cat. He knows for sure he at least hit this thing once out of those four shots. But as soon as he fired those shots, the creature ran off towards the railway embankment off to the side of their property.

Henry stated that he watched this thing jump 50 feet in 3 jumps and was out of sight.

As all this was going on his wife awoke and called the police.

When police later arrived, it was too late. But upon searching the property, they found scratches on the screen door as well as footprints in the dirt next to their home.

The McDaniel family home in 1973. Scratches on the screen.Astonishing Legends

What's strange is they looked like dog prints, but it had 6 toe pad prints. But police would not really find any clues that pointed to an unusual creature.

Henry McDaniel looks at the torn screen door of his home following his encounter with the Enfield monster.All Thats Interesting

He told police that this thing had three legs on it, a short body, two little short arms, and two pink eyes as big as flashlights.

Police did state that Henry was sober and very aware of the situation. But without any real hard proof there was nothing anybody could do.

Henry and the children were terrified that this animal or creature might come back and seek revenge from him shooting and wounding it.

This story of the McDaniel's family incident would quickly make the local news paper. But many people didn’t want to believe this story.

Henry would report two more sightings shortly after that. But the Police not being able to see any hard evidence, threatened him with jail time if he wouldn’t stop calling them about this creature.

Just no one in the town believed Henry or his family. The family became almost like outcasts, looked upon as crazy and just making up stories to get attention, but what do you think?

Henry Mcdaniel coming out of his home after the event that took place.Astonishing Legends

But Henry would stand by his scary story. He said in an interview,

"If they do find it, they will find more than one and they won't be from this planet, I can tell you that."
Newspaper article about what happened at the property where the McDaniel family lived.Newspapers

Not long after Henry went public with his testimony of the encounters about the Enfield monster, other eyewitness claims began to surface. Almost as these victims felt a relief that they were not the only ones experiencing these events.

Till this day many people have tried to hunt this animal or even capture photographs of this… Thing, but no explanation has been uncovered for this creepy story that this town holds.

Here is a little bit of history for you. Hit that thumbs up! Peace, I love you and as always God bless.

Henry McDaniel’s Draft Registration card.Astonishing Legends

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