Abandoned Bexar County Juvenile Center in Texas.

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Today we are going to take a inside look an abandoned building from the early 1900's, called The Bexar County Juvenile Home for boys. We will look at the untold story of what really happened inside this facility. Why did this place tragically make it on the headline news so many times? And what is in there that so dangerous that people are denied access to explore? What are they going to do with the building? Are they going to restore it or demolish it? We will get into all that in just a moment. Hi I'm Zach and welcome to Rooted Expeditions. Hit that thumbs up and lets get started on todays location.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, this facility was built in 1915 as a home for the elderly people which was also known to many as a poor farm which replaced an older poor farm located on the property from the 1860s. Some may ask what is a poor farm? Well it is a farm that is maintained at a public expense for the support and employment of needy persons or people that are in need.

A short time later, the property became the location for a local juvenile home. The site was then eventually abandoned, which it was said it could possibly be due to the asbestos or even funding.

In its time as a juvenile home, it quickly gained a reputation for its cruelty on January 26th of 1925.

One of the buildings on the property.Ghost City Tours

14 year old Alfred Garcia an inmate at the Bexar county juvenile home, was found by an attendant in a semi-conscious state. He was sent to the hospital where it was discovered that the dying boy had eaten rat poison.

There is no knowledge as of what exactly happened to him. Was he feed the rat poison, or did he willfully eat it on his own?

In the year 1933, on December 19th, the juvenile home for boys made headlines again. As a 21 year old man, by the name of Jesus Samudio was accused of murder. Jesus worked as a dairy hand down at the dairy barn, which was located on the same property as the juvenile home. He was alleged to have killed 14 year old, Charles Allen Watson, who was an inmate of the Bexar county juvenile home on November 2nd.

Newspaper article on the murder of Charles Watson.Ghost City Tours

On January 9th of 1934, Jesus Samudio was sentenced to life in prison the 21 year old Jesus pled guilty to the murder of Charles Watson after the state attorney introduced Jesus' confession, in which he gave a detailed account of the murder. In the confession Jesus said, that he had quarreled with Charles about washing milk cans in the dairy barn, Jesus admitted to beating Charles over the head with an iron bar, and then later dumping the boy's body in a creek a mile from the juvenile home. Charles' body wouldn't be found for nine days.

To cover up his tracks, Jesus then hid his blood-stained overalls under the mattress in his quarters which this evidence was soon discovered by the police after they learned of Jesus past confrontations with the young boy, Charles Watson.

Many say that this horrible and tragic death might be the cause and reason of this place being extremely haunted. Many people have came forward and said they have witnessed strange things going on at this property, from sounds of people talking and when they go to check, there would be no one there. There is also claims , that things would be thrown across the room along with loud noises throughout the property when no one was there.

The structure still stands today but is not in the best shape. The owner will not let anyone explore the property As it is used by the police and swat for training purposes.

Inside one of the buildings on the property.Ghost City Tours

There has not been any confirmed decisions of what will be done with this structure.

What do you think of this place? Should it be restored or demolished. Let me know your thoughts. If you ask me it kind of has that Jurassic park vibe.

Ok That does it for todays video. Hit that thumbs up, Peace, I love you and as always God bless.

The backside of Bexar County Juvenile center.Rooted Expeditions

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