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Snowy forest (setting the scene for the story)Rooted Expeditions

This is why you should never hike in the woods alone. A woman was alone in the woods when she encountered something that was very big and very scary. This thing stalked her while she was hiking in the snow covered woods. Her grandparents were aware of this scary creature that lived in the woods near their home but never really would go into details to what it could be.

They would always tell her that if she ever felt unsafe in those woods to leave immediately. Out of the many times she walked and hiked in this place she would revert back to what her grandparents warned her and she would end up running for her life. Hi, I'm Zach and welcome to Rooted Expeditions if you are a fan of the abandoned, Historical and Strange Events, then you are in the right place. Hit that thumbs up and let's dive into what happened.

On a cold and snowy day in early 2020, This petite,18 year old woman, which for this story we will call her Kelly.

Kelly went on a walk into the woods. Which this was normal for Kelly as she would go on walks in the woods weather it was spring or winter. And on top of that the paths that she would walk were right down the road from where her mom and grandparents lived.

Now the woods that she would walk and hike would get really creepy at times and almost play mind tricks on you.

Kelly's grandparents always told her that while she was out in the woods walking and ever felt unsafe for some unknown reason to stop what she was doing and leave. They would never really explain why they said it that way but she would just figure that they were afraid a wild animal might attack her. But even without knowing why they said that she would listen to what they said and would do that very thing. (And for what was about to happen she would be glad that she did.)

So as she was walking in the woods it was a bit past 4pm. Which she was just out there 2 days with no problems so she figured this would be just another day through the woods.

logging road (setting the scene for the story)Rooted Expeditions

Not long into her walk she started to get this feeling that she was being watched. She would look around but, didn’t see anything but also didn’t feel like she was in any danger. So she kept walking for about another quarter of a mile through the snow-covered bushes and logs until she got to this old logging road. Which this road was a quick way around the woods and it also connected to the road that Kelly's house and grandparents house were one.

She was already tired from the hike and was going to make her way back and as she was making her way back home she still could feel like something was watching her. And as she was walking she could see something moving out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look real quick but when she looked, there was nothing there. And she could swore she saw something moving around.

So as she was walking down the logging road. Heading back. She started to hear what sounded like chains rattling nearby. So she stopped and when she stopped the that noise stopped she would looked around. But, again she couldn’t see where that sound was coming from. So she just chalked it up to maybe there were chains hanging from a tree just blowing in the wind which would make that rattling sound.

So a little further down the road as she was walking she was already starting to get close to where her grandparents house was. And just past that is where she lived. As she was walking she started to hear that chain rattling sound again. And this time it sounded closer.

She stopped walking again and thought maybe it's something that she was wearing causing that sound. She took a second to look to see if anything on her was making that sound but to her surprise it wasn’t anything she was wearing that would make that sound.

So at this point knowing her grandparents house is closer she would just decide to go there. So she would cut across back into the woods to make a straight shot to her grandparents house.

As she made the cut into the woods she could hear what sounded like footsteps walking behind her maybe about 10 feet or so. But what was strange is that the footsteps were in sync to Kelly's. And on top of that it didn’t really make sense to how something could be that close to her when there was no one in sight just a few seconds ago.

At this point Kelly was trying to not panic and tried to act like she didn’t notice what was going on and kept walking. She didn’t even want to look back to see what could be behind her only 10 feet away. Which was probably a good thing she didn’t.

So she acted as if she was going to take another step forward but stopped, hovering her foot right over the snow. And when she did she heard a crunch in the snow behind her. Then immediately she could hear what ever was behind here quickly moved closer to her.

Running through the snow (setting the scene for the story)Rooted Expeditions

Kelly figured oh crap this… thing figured out that I know its behind me. She would start running as fast as she could towards her grandparents land and whatever was behind her was chasing her. It almost sounded like a human, and the sounds of chains started up again as it was chasing her.

This thing that was chasing her was only on 2 legs and sounded really big. As she was running she was zigging and zagging around all these small trees and thorn bushes, and this thing behind her was going right through them as it was not stopping it from chasing her.

Then for the first time as she was running she looked behind her to see what was chasing her and she could see this really tall, grey humanoid thing.

As she was making the final stretch to her grandparents house, she could hear the heavy breathing of whatever was chasing her along with the rattling of these chains. And what was strange is that is that the whole time I stayed a few feet behind her the entire time they were running.

And at this point as she got closer to the house it started to growl. Kelly could hear their grandparents dog barking like crazy, which their dog was a very big malamute-mastiff mix. As she got up to the house the dog didn’t even run up to Kelly it just stayed near the house barking towards her direction at whatever what chasing her.

As soon as Kelly got up to the house she ran right inside along with the dog, slammed the door behind her, Her and the dog were shaking in terror from whatever was out there.

After Kelly realized she was safe inside she started crying and her grandfather came downstairs to see what was going on and immediately the grandfather had a good idea of what just happened and told her, “Don’t think about it, just forget it ever happened.”

Kelly having some idea that he knew what that… thing was tried to ask him why, but he refused to tell her anything... She even tried asking her grandmother, too, but she didn’t say anything and changed the subject.

So what was chasing Kelly? Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you have a story you would like me to share on this channel, you can email me your story.

Here is a little bit of history for you. Hit that thumbs up. Peace, I love you and as always God bless.

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