This grandma serial killer was pure evil.

This grandma serial killer was pure evil. Today We are going to dive into the history of this home and the lady that would help so many people and everyone in the community came to love. But the secrets that lye behind the doors of this home will make you never judge a book by its cover. What Police discovered at this location will make your stomach turn. Here in Sacramento California lye's this historical house that a woman by the name of Dorothea Puente lived. She would invite elderly and mentally ill people who didn't have family or really didn’t have people to take care of them. So, She would Bring these people in and give them a place to stay and feel welcomed. Dorothea would donate money to the city and donate a large amount of clothes to charity. She would quickly gain favor and popularity with the city and government officials. She was seen and known by many people as this sweet old Christian lady. She would tell many people to call her "grandma".

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