Inside look at the hooded figures that haunt this church.

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Ghost statues by artist Jakub Hadrava at the St. George's church.Insider

This is the story behind the hooded figures in this abandoned church..

This church is considered one of the creepiest places in the world. Locals in the area believe that this church is haunted or even cursed. After being abandoned for several years an artist came in to save the church from being demolished. And what he did was very unique. And in fact actually saved the church from being demolished. This is the story of the St. George's church and the white blanketed figures that gives off a creepy feel when walking inside. Hi I'm Zach and welcome to Rooted Expeditions. If you are a fan of the abandoned, historical and strange locations, then you are in the right place. Hit that thumbs up and let's get started into days location.

St. George's church was built in 1352 in a small village in Czech Republic. (Which I believe back then it was called the Kingdom of Bohemia. If I'm wrong let me know.)
The St. George's church near Plzen in Lukova in the Czech Republic.Insider

The church has been abandoned since 1968 when the roof collapsed during a funeral. Which this scared many people living in the area and they were convinced that this place was haunted or even cursed. Many people being terrified, they wouldn’t even step foot inside this church.

They would end up hosting funerals outside never stepping foot inside.
Hooded figure resembles praying.Insider

After standing for hundreds of years, over time the building began to really show its decay. And the community decided they wanted to try to save it so it wouldn’t be demolished, but they lacked the resources to repair it back to its original state. Keep in mind the population of this Community was only about 700.
Hooded figure statues.Insider

Then in 2012, a local resident and artist Petr Koukl who lived nearby, volunteered to be the caretaker of this building. He wanted to help raise enough money to repair the roof and other parts of this structure.

Petr with his artistic mind, came up with a great idea. He would play off from the idea of this "haunted" church and create 32 life size Ghost or white hooded figures throughout the church.
Hooded figure holding candle.Insider

You can see some standing or even sitting in the pews as though they are listening to a sermon or grieving for a lost loved one.

Petr would use his students to help him which he would cover them with sheets and create plaster casts over them to create that human like appearance, which when he was done he would place them throughout the church, giving off this realistic look of these statues.
Hooded figure sitting down as if listening to a sermon or praying.Insider

Word began to spread fairly quickly of the work that was done at this church, that in 2014, they were able to raise almost $25,000 from the admissions fees and they were able to use that money to get the roof repaired. They also have organized concerts and even on some occasions have had mass inside the church itself.

Today the church still stands and Is still being slowly worked on to help preserve it.

Here is a little bit of history for you. Peace, I love you and as always God bless.
Hooded figures mourning for a lost one.Insider

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