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Today we are going to look into the history of the famously known, Winchester house in California. We will dig up the roots that lie behind the walls of this ginormous mansion and the secrets it holds. The Mansion has stairs and passage ways that lead to dead ends. And doors that could lead you to your death. This is a place you should never explore alone.

To better understand the story, let's dive into the man that started it all.

In 1866, a man by the name of Oliver Winchester established a gun and ammunition company, which today is famously known for their Winchester rifles. Winchester rifles were one of the most popular and leading American manufacturer of rifles at the end of the 1800's and still today is one of the most well known brands in the world.

Oliver WinchesterWikipedia

Oliver would die in 1880 and the company would be handed over to his 43 year old son William Winchester. But William would die from tuberculosis only four months later. And Williams widow, Sarah Winchester would move from her home in New Haven, Connecticut and head west to California. She would use her inheritance, which was over 500 million in today's dollars to buy land and build what is famously known today as the Winchester House.

Just to throw in there, Sarah would also receive a daily income of about $1,000 which is equivalent of about $27,000 in today dollars. With all that money there was not really a limit to what she could do.

Sarah WinchesterWikipedia

So once she arrived in California in 1881, she would look around and was able to find a small unfinished farmhouse on some land in the city of San Jose. She started building and adding on to the small farm house. She would continue to build non-stop, around the clock until her death in 1922.

Once the house was completed - or should I say when construction stopped. The home would end up being over 24,000 square feet with a total of 160 rooms. It contained 40 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and get this, 6 kitchens. How many kitchens do you need?

The house is probably one of the most unique homes in America. The home also holds the world record for the longest built home which took 38 years to construct. The house stood at one point with 7 floors until an earthquake in 1906. The house was reconstructed and now has 4 floors.

The home has a very dark and unusual history. If we go back to before Sarah left her home in New Haven, Connecticut, it was said that Sarah was visited by a medium who told her she needed to move from her home in New Haven and move west and to continuously build a new home for her and the spirits of people who fell victim to the Winchester rifle.

So with the ongoing construction never stopping, she would have builders and workers at her house building around the clock, even through the night.

There are doors that open up and lead to nowhere and doors that open up to the floors below. You better make sure when you open a door in this house, you look before walking in or you just might fall to your death. There are stairways that just lead nowhere. In fact you can see that one of the stairways leads right up to the ceiling. There are over 10,000 windows in this home and some of them overlook other rooms in the house. Many say that this house is so haunted that many who have entered the house have felt some type of weird and strange presence as though they are being watched.

example to Doors that lead to nowhereCalifornia Beaches

Stairways that lead to nowhereAll Thats Interesting

When Sarah Winchester died in 1922, the home would be auctioned off to a local investor for over $135,000 and would lease out the home to John and Mayme Brown. The Browns purchased the mansion the next year in 1923. They eventually would opening up the home to the public for tours.

Today, the home is owned by the descendants of John and Mayme Brown and is still open to the public for tours. Would you truly explore this home alone and at night?

Here is a little history for you. Peace I love you and as always God bless.

Old picture of the Winchester Mystery House when it was seven floorsWinchester Mystery House

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