This $8,000,000 Abandoned Mansion is going to be DEMOLISHED

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Today we are going to see how this 110 year old mansion is in danger of being demolished. The people in this neighborhood are not happy.

But before we get started, if you are a fan of the abandoned and historical locations, then you are in the right place. Ok, let's get started into today's location.

There is really not much information on this property, so with the research and the many dead ends I ran into, I will try my best to explain the history that surround this mansion.

In the year 1916, a man by the name of William Kelley, had this beautiful Mansion built by architect Howard Van Doren Shaw who happened to be William's good friend.
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Howard was a known architect in the Chicago area. He was a leader in the American Craftsman movement. The American Craftsman movement was an American Domestic Architectural style. This style was developed and progressed and involved the look of the inside of the structure and outside along with it's beautiful landscape design.

Howard was also known by his other work on the Second Presbyterian Church in Chicago and the Marktown in Northwest Indiana.

William Kelly was born February 13, 1861. While growing up, Kelly would help his father and mother out on their farm in Ohio. Later on in life, William moved out to Chicago, Illinois where he would become a very successful business man.
Servant/Carriage houseRooted Expeditions

William would have the home built along with his carriage house. William would name the mansion "Stonebridge". Over the years, William would host fancy and luxurious parties at his home.

Not too long after the Stonebridge mansion was built, William would have two more homes built close by in the 1920's for his 2 sons Phelps and Russell.

William would die in 1932 at the age of 71. The home would later be owned by a local Catholic church. The church would turn the home into a Chapel and a place to host their events and services. You can tell part of the home was modified by the church.

They even had the Camerata perform a benefit concert at the mansion in 1986 called "Beast of Camerata".

After several years, the church would sell the mansion and the home became a luxury hotel. It was said to have many events and weddings at the hotel throughout the years.
Inside the Stonebridge mansionRooted Expeditions

As you look at the Stonebridge mansion, from the outside you can see how big this place really is. If you looked on the inside of the home, you can tell that they had started demolishing most of the inner walls on all the floors. Pretty much leaving the home as an empty shell. The home even has its own elevator, going from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. The house has 4 floors which include a basement that goes the length of the house along with attic.

There is a servant's house that is right next to the mansion. It was said to be the carriage house along with housing the servants who worked for William in the early 1900's.

A building development company came in and bought the property. In 2006 the town board would approved for them to demolish the mansion and build 85 small homes to be used as senior housing in its place. But when the neighborhood heard about this, they were outraged and voted against it.

Since the neighbors voted against the plans, the building plans and demolishment of the current structures did not happen. Through many troubles and a lot of money spent to make - there was no success.
Inside the Stonebridge mansionRooted Expeditions

Then in 2011, the building development company had put them self in such a bad position that they would end up selling the property to The Roanoke Group for $8 Million.

The Roanoke Group formed a new company and have been keeping their plans secret from the public so they the can get their plans approved by the city. Hoping they would not have to much push back like the last development company. To my knowledge the mansion today still stands.

Would you destroy this mansion? Or keep it? Let me know your thoughts below. Ok guys that does it for today location. Peace, I Love ya and God bless.

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