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Today's story is a about a case that was considered at the time, the Crime of the Century. Make sure to stay until the end of the article, where there is a line of upsetting events that leads up to this horrible and mysterious group of murders that surrounds this Mansion. This article may be upsetting and graphic to some readers.

But before we get started if you are a fan of the abandoned, historical and strange locations and events, then you are in the right place. Ok, let's get started into today's story.

In 1972, off Hulen Street in Fort Worth Texas, lived Cullen Davis who was considered at the time one of the richest men in America. He spent about $6 million to build his 13,000 square foot Mansion on about 250 acres of land. This Mansion contained five-bedrooms, 11-bathrooms, it even had a indoor pool and a 2,000-square-foot (190 m2) master bedroom… YES!! a 2,000 square foot bedroom. That’s bigger than most homes.

In its prime, this luxurious Mansion had courtyards, tunnels and balconies. And even more than 100 oil paintings throughout the house. Some of them were very expensive.

Wait, wait, wait - let's back up just a bit.

To understand the story, we must first learn a little bit about the characters and who they are.

Thomas Cullen Davis was the middle child of well known Fort Worth oilman Kenneth W. Davis. Also known to many as Stinky Davis. Kind of a funny nickname if you think about it. Ok moving on.

Cullen Davis married his first wife in 1962 which, didn’t last long. Then when his father died in 1968. The money from the legendary Fort Worth oilman was split between his three sons.

Priscilla and Cullen DavisCBSNews

Hours after his father's passing Cullen Davis married his 2nd wife Priscilla Lee Childers. It's said that since they already had the wedding planned, they thought it would be best to go through with the wedding that day so they could have time to mourn for his father's death. But who knows the real reason.

This would be Priscilla's 3rd marriage. She had one daughter named Dee from her first marriage. She also had children from her 2nd marriage. Her son Jackie and her youngest daughter Andrea Willborn. Priscilla said that at 12 years old, Andrea had became a woman. She was five-seven and played a lot of adult roles. She was also compared by others to have a lot in common with Priscilla, some would go as far as saying she looked like a younger version of her mom.

Priscilla agreed with these comments in a interview. Andrea was said to have a huge passion for animals and would even take in stray animals off the street. She even had a big heart for people. It has been stated that Andrea loved to cook and all around she seemed like a very nice girl.

Before the details get gruesome, let's first look into Cullen and Priscilla's marriage.

The story goes that Priscilla first met Cullen at the Ridglea Country Club in Fort Worth while playing doubles in tennis. The couple had what seemed like a decent relationship. A dream couple that some would say. They were madly in love with each other and to some it showed. Priscilla and Cullen were living a very wealthy lifestyle. Feeling free to go anywhere and buy pretty much anything they wanted. Cullen was proud to show off Priscilla.

In fact, some statements would show that Cullen was so proud of being with Priscilla that in public he would sometimes walk a few steps behind her, so that he can watch the other men look at her. As she was at the time considered very attractive to the eye. And Priscilla, never really living this type of life before, seemed to really enjoy and come accustomed to this wealthy lifestyle. Or from the little bit of research, that’s what it seemed like.

Priscilla and Cullen DavisCBSNews

But once moving into their newly built home in 1972, things seem to go from good to bad. Priscilla would testify later that towards the end of their marriage, Cullen would start to beat and hit her. They would get into screaming matches back and forth. Priscilla would say that Cullen had broken her nose twice and one time, broke her collarbone.

She even stated that Cullen broke her oldest daughters nose during a huge fight. It was also said that Dee would instigate some fights with Cullen. But, not to sure on that point.

When people would see Priscilla in a bad state they would ask what happened, she would say she was in a skiing accident. She even stated in her testimony that one night Cullen got so angry that he picked up the house cat and threw it on the floor killing it instantly.

Cullen Davis MansionCBSNews

Two years after the home was built in 1974, Cullen and Priscilla got in another heated argument on her birthday. The argument was about missing jewelry that Cullen took. This argument seemed to be the last straw in their marriage They both agreed to separate and would start dating other people. Soon after that, the court ruled Priscilla got the house, which would allow her to stay in the house until the court finalized the divorce.

During that time Davis would have to pay a large lump sum of money to Priscilla for various things. The judge even had Cullen pay for her doctor bills. Priscilla had found 2 masses in her left breast which was believed to be cancer.

The man that Priscilla was dating at that time (Stan Farr) was living with her at the home. He was a 6 foot 10, basketball star who played for Texas Christian University (TCU). This campus was down the street from the home on Hulen Street. Stan Farr was known by many to be very nice guy and he really cared for Priscilla. She would go on to say he was like a teddy bear.

Stan Farr and Priscilla DavisCBSNews

Later on Priscilla and a few others stated that they were getting a bad feeling and that something felt off. Even one of Priscilla's good friends stated that she had a very bad vibe. She would later state that she felt that Cullen Davis would want to kill Priscilla or even kill himself. This really lead me to assume that the divorce was not an easy process and seemed to have more complications than what was really written down. The mansion had a top of the line security system which made the home very safe and secure. Not mentioning the huge steel gate at the end of the driveway.

Now this is where things seem to take an unfortunate turn.

On August 2, 1976, after the divorce hearing, Stan Farr and Priscilla were said to have gone to dinner with some friends at the Old Swiss House and then later that night stopped for a few drinks at the Rangoon Racquet Club.

While Priscilla and Stan were out having drinks. Priscilla's youngest daughter Andrea Wilborn, who was 12 years old at the time, was at the Mansion all alone. At the time Andrea's brother Jackie would not be home and her oldest Sister Dee was supposed to be staying with friends, so no one should have been at the house that night except for Andrea.

Andrea WilbornCBSNews

After a long night out, Priscilla and Stan headed home. About 12:30 am they pulled up to the driveway to the big metal gate. Everything seemed normal. When the gate opened, they drove up to the house that was on the hill to the left. Immediately Priscilla knew something seemed off. The lights were off to the home and the security locks were not set. This meant that the security system was not engaged. There were no other vehicles or signs in the driveway to signify that someone was there. Priscilla and Stan went inside to see what was going on. Stan went upstairs to the bedroom. Now to understand, there was a doorway right next to the kitchen that would lead you up the staircase to the bedrooms upstairs.

While Stan went upstairs, Priscilla went to the kitchen to look for her daughter Andrea. While calling out to her daughter, she noticed the door to the basement was open and there was bloody prints on the wall. She immediately scream in fear for Stan.

Then as she was screaming, a man appeared out of the dark, dressed in all black, wearing a woman's black wig and had both hands together holding up what looked like gun, that was wrapped in a dark plastic bag. The intruder said "Hi" then shot Priscilla in the chest. The bullet entered between her breasts and she fell to the ground in pain and then again screamed for Stan.

Stan came running down the stairs to the doorway at the bottom of the staircase. Stan and the intruder would struggle on either side of that door for a bit. Then the man in all black fired his gun through the door hitting Stan. Stan would cry out in pain and he opened the door to grab and attack the intruder. The man fired his gun again, hitting Stan. Stan fell to the ground next to Priscilla. The intruder would shoot Stan two more times. Those final shots would kill Stan Farr. Priscilla would watch her lover pass in front of her as she said "I watched his eyes , I watched him die".

While the intruder dragged Stan's lifeless body to the other room, Priscilla now knew this was her only chance to escape. She was able to get off the ground and stumble to the sliding glass door which was right next to the kitchen. She would struggle a bit to get the door to slide open. She managed to finally open the door and she made her way out of the house.

As she was running away, she looked back to see the intruder chasing her. She stumbled and fell on the ground. Then the man picked her up and started to drag her back into the house. Priscilla is pleading to the man who just killed Stan and probably her daughter… "Please, Please stop!" She said the Man would go on and would tell her in a very calm voice "Come on" as she pleaded with the intruder again "Stop, Stop your hurting me". As this was going on, you could hear a vehicle pulling up on the other side of the wall on the right that lead to the garage.

Then he stopped dragging Priscilla, dropped her right outside the sliding glass door and proceeded to head back inside to the kitchen. It is assumed that the intruder went to find another way around to the other side to sneak up on whomever it was that just drove up. In that vehicle would be Beverly Bass, one of Dee's good friends. At the time Beverly didn’t know Dee was staying the night somewhere else. Driving Beverly was Gus Gavrel.

Back of Cullen Davis MansionRooted Expeditions

This was distracting the intruder, so Priscilla saw another chance to get away, so she hid in a nearby bush. As she was hiding she could her voices around the corner. Then all of a sudden she heard shots and screams. Gus was shot and Beverly was able to escape by running away. Hearing the gun shot, Priscilla now knew this could be the last chance to make a run for it. She ran about 400 yards across her property to her neighbors house, while holding up her long denim skirt which was covering the bloody wound on her chest.

As she was running, she was just praying that her children were ok. Not knowing what she would later find out. She would stumble many times running away even falling on her face in the grass. She knew she had to run and get away or she was going to die. Once she got to the neighbors house, she would bang on the door and shout "I’m Priscilla Davis. I’m wounded badly. I live in the big white house off Hulen. Please let me in." The neighbors reluctantly let her in and the ambulance and police were called out. Priscilla hid inside the neighbors home till the police and paramedics arrived.

When the police and paramedics arrived, Priscilla was calm and even spoke so normal that the police and medical team didn’t even know she was injured until they asked her "hey would you come back to the house with us?" She would then unwrap her skirt from her chest, revealing the bullet wound. Then immediately the paramedics went to work to stop the bleeding.

In fear that something might happen to her, she would immediately tell them that the man in all black that tried to kill her was Cullen Davis.

As the Police entered the home, they would find blood everywhere and the house in disarray as you could tell there was a struggle. They would go on to find Priscilla's youngest daughter Andrea, was shot execution style in the chest. Her body was found downstairs in the basement. Stan Farr with four fatal gunshot wounds, was found in the house dead as well. Gus was shot and paralyzed, but survived and Beverly survived by running away.

Cullen Davis Mansion after murdersCBSNews

Cullen Davis Mansion after the murdersCBSNews

Cullen Davis Mansion after murdersCBSNews

According to the testimony, Cullen's brother Ken called and told Cullen what happened and that the police were looking for him. But he seem unfazed of the situation that Ken was relaying. As he acted that he didn’t care who was shot and or who was murdered.

That same night, Cullen Davis was picked up and arrested. He stated that he was at the movies alone at the time of the murder. Not too long after he was arrested, he was able to post bond.

Cullen Davis being picked up by the policeCBSNews

During the 1st trial, Cullen was only tried for the murder of Andrea. Cullen hired the best attorney money could buy, Richard "Racehorse" Haynes. Haynes was a well known attorney, and not to mention he was very good in the courtroom.

In fact, Cullen didn’t even have to testify in court as Haynes laid out to the court that there was just was no hard evidence such as fingerprints, or even the gun linking Cullen to the murder. After a long gruesome trial and Priscilla testifying and stating that it was Cullen Davis she saw that night at the mansion when the murders took place, that would not be enough to put him away, So with no hard evidence found at the crime scene, Cullen, would be found NOT guilty and was set free.

Cullen Davis and his lawyer Richard "RaceHorse" HaynesCBSNews

Two years later, in 1978, Cullen was arrested again for supposedly hiring a hitman to kill Priscilla. It is said that a man went undercover pretending to be a hitman and they recorded the two men talking and planning out the attack. Then through the courts, Cullen would go to testify that he did not want to plan a hit to kill Priscilla, but claimed that it was a plot orchestrated by Priscilla herself to frame him. Again, after another long trial Cullen Davis was acquitted and set free again.

Cullen still walks as a free man today. Priscilla died from cancer in 2001 leaving behind her two children Dee and Jackie.

Cullen Davis11 Alive

Now to adjust for inflation, the 13,000 sq ft mansion took a estimated total of $37 million dollars to build. The mansion would have an outstanding beautiful indoor pool encased with concrete and glass. This mansion is said to have many secret rooms inside. This unique home is connected with a tunnel that leads away from the mansion to a hatch at the end. In a recent interview with local channel 8 ABC news, Davis would state that the tunnels were to keep the noise away from the house. Davis would re-enter the home that he left in back into 1974.

Davis was shocked to see that half of the home was changed from the original design. Before the home was built, Davis would say that it took him five years of cutting pictures out of magazines of what he wanted his home to look like. He talk about how he gave photos to Architect Albert Komatsu and said and I quote "Here's the way I want every room to look. You put it together efficiently." Davis would later go on to also say that he wanted a place to have a party.

Even today, many state this was the Crime of the 20th century topping the Manson and OJ murders. This case would leave people guessing to who committed the murders. And what exactly happened on that horrible night.

The home has been a Mexican restaurant and, most recently, a wedding venue. Some of the original construction has been preserved, including its massive fireplace lounge and wood floors, but much has changed. The large indoor pool was filled in. The building has since been completely demolished to make room for a small development homes and or apartments.

Cullen Davis Mansion being demolishedFort Worth Magazine

So what are your thoughts about this Crime of the century? Was it Cullen who attempted to murder Priscilla and killed the others? Could of it been Priscilla who staged the whole thing? Or was it a huge coincidence? Let me know in the comments below.

Ok Guys that does it for today's story if you like the story. please hit that thumbs up, Peace, I love you and as always God bless.

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