Life goes on, on the farm. New baby chicks first day!

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Hello! Welcome back to the farm!

Today is a very special day. 21 days ago, our mama hen, Cosmo, began getting broody. Now this isn't the first time she's gone broody, but this is the first time we let her sit on a clutch of eggs. She was determined to do so, and who are we to stand in her way! It started as a small chip in each egg, and ended with fresh, new, beautiful, fluffy babies.
Baby chickens in the sunshineRootbound Homestead

This morning, we took them out on a supervised walk. Everyone was able to stretch and run, play and snooze in the sunshine. Mama Cosmo does an amazing job of keeping the babies in line and close by. She has a diverse vocal range of clucks and chirps that the babies instinctively know- and the difference between danger and food noises! Mama's favorite part of the walk was finding a big fresh bug to eat! Sometimes she shares, sometimes she doesn't. (Spoiler alert, she didn't share this bug!)
Mama gets a bugRootbound Homestead

It's always a beautiful experience to have life on the farm, coming or going. Life is a never ending revolving door that seems amplified by living so connected to your food. One starts noticing the small victories, and taking less for granted.
Snack time!Rootbound Homestead

These baby chickens will provide our family with beautiful eggs for years to come. Next time you find yourself with a broody hen, make sure you thank her. Stay tuned to Rootbound Homestead for updates on these sweet babies, and make sure you get outside and play today!

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