Florida tops U.S. in total February 2023 UFO case reports

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Florida jumped ahead in February 2023 and took first place with most U.S. UFO sightings at 62 reports – a top spot usually reserved for California, according to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) March 2023 newsletter.

California came in second with 54 reports. California had 51 reports in January 2023 as Florida filed 25 and took third place.

Other top reporting states include Texas, 36; Arizona, 25; Pennsylvania, 22; and Missouri, 16.

Be cautious if you think most UFOs are appearing in the high-reporting states, as it is generally agreed among those that study the phenomenon, that the higher population states are filing the most reports.

Delaware, Kansas, the District of Columbia, and Vermont, all reported only one case in February 2023.

The circle shape continues as the most reported shape at 112 February 2023 cases. Other top shapes include the sphere, 69; Other, 53; Unknown, 48; Oval, 40; Triangle, 37; Disc, 32; star-like, 25; and square or rectangular, 20.

MUFON reports that in February 2023 there were 90 cases where the object was less than 100 feet in altitude. There were 26 landings, hoverings, or takeoffs reported, and 42 entities observed. The Experiencer Resource Team (ERT) accepted 44 new reports of abductions.

The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC.org) reports receiving 33 Florida cases in February 2023. Please keep in mind that UFO case reports can be filed at any time, so the number of cases for any given month can rise in the future as witnesses file.

Witnesses occasionally report feeling ill after a UFO sighting. One Florida case filed for February 20, 2023, in Largo at 9:38 p.m., includes details describing a large triangle-shaped object with nine bright lights and no sound.

The witness reported, “Looking at the lights of the craft gave me a severe headache within 15 seconds.”

Witnesses frequently report that the UFO makes no sound and essentially sneaks up on you. If you are not looking in its direction at the time, you may never notice it.

A February 18, 2023, Florida report at 9:30 p.m. records the witness spotting a chevron-shaped object.

“This object emitted no lights or sounds,” the reporting witness stated. “The color perfectly matched the sky and so would have been invisible had it not been moving in front of stars. This is when I could see the silhouette of a boomerang or chevron shape. The object coasted steadily in a straight line until it left my field of view.”

With its large population and fantastic weather, the population of Florida is outside more often than states with colder temperature patterns. And they are looking up and filing reports.

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